Antiques Roadshow guest ‘honoured’ to own eye-watering 10k ‘work of art’

Antiques Roadshow: Guest ‘honoured’ to own £10k ‘work of art’ club

One guest on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow couldn’t believe the high value of his unique wooden club.

Speaking to Ronnie Archer-Morgan, the expert was clearly blown away by the item that had been brought to him.

The guest informed the expert that although it was once his father’s it had belonged to his great-grandfather who was a navy captain.

Guessing it was from the South Pacific, Ronnie told the guest he was correct as he gave some background information on the item.

He said: “This is an ‘akua tau, it’s a paddle club. But this is a superb example. It’s not just a club, it’s a status symbol.”

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Looking at the club closely, viewers could see it had intricate carvings on it as Ronnie explained people who were important carried it.

He added: “This had to be 18th century, the time of Captain Cook, this could be 1770s,80s, 90s. This would have been done pre-contact, almost certainly and they would’ve used shark’s teeth and flints to carve this, no metal.”

Telling the guest he was able to tell the club had been stone cut, Ronnie informed him it was most likely given as a gift from one chief to another.

Admitting he was loving it the more he held onto it, Ronnie added the club was covered all over with frigatebirds and warriors carrying ‘akau taus.

Demonstrating how it was most likely used all those years ago, he added: “God, it’s full of symbolism this piece.

“I mean it really is a beauty, it’s a work of art.”

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Asking if the guest liked it, he replied: “I love it, very special.”

Disappointed he’d never get to own the club, it was time for the antique to be given a value should it go up to auction.

He said: “I’m struggling to value this because it’s the best one I have ever seen.

“In a good sale, like in Paris or New York or something, I think this would be valued at £7,000 to £10,000.”

Stunned, the guest replied: “Fantastic! Wow. Well, I’m delighted. Thank you very much.”

Admiring the club and it’s detailed carvings once more, Ronnie confessed it was something he’d want in his collection.

The guest replied: “I’m honoured.”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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