BBC star threatens police action after receiving several ‘unwanted messages’

BBC star Alexis Green revealed she's received several unwanted messages online which has left her contemplating reporting them to the police.

The weather presenter took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share her fury at the messages being sent to her. She wrote: "I’ve had a number of unwanted messages recently on this platform.

"If any messages are threatening I will block the profile involved and send the information to the police. Alexis added: "My job is to talk about the weather and occasionally you’ll get the odd dog pic. Thanks."

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Earlier this year, Alexis was put through a "horrendous" court case after she was harrassed by a man. She was bombarded with a number of messages which included sexually explicit content.

The harassment, which began in November 2022 and lasted for several months, had a huge impact on Alexis' life and left her dreading coming to work. Recalling the start of the harassment, she told the BBC: "I had a few messages from this guy and they were inappropriate, saying something like, 'You are warming up my house tonight'."

After Alexis blocked him, the man made a new account one month later and would message her up to three times a day. He would send explicit videos and describe his sexual desires to her.

It began to impact Alexis' work as she told Sally Nugent: "My legs were shaking, my hands were shaking, I was trying to hold it together on air. Obviously you've got a job to do, you have to present something to the public.

"I felt I had a job to do but I also felt very anxious and scared at the same time." In March of this year, the 55-year-old was jailed for 17 weeks and given a restraining order.

Reflecting on the court case, she added: "Obviously the court case was horrendous for me… I sat there in the dock shaking. It was really, really hard but at the end of it I had a result."

Alexis added: "It has made me afraid, I am scared to do certain things – I won't go for a run on my own anymore, I take the dog. I feel that there is that protection in place but it is not going to help me, it is not going to help my personal feelings, my anxiety, I'll always have that with me."

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