Big Brother fans demand ‘get him out’ as Paul refuses to apologise over row with Olivia and Noky

Monday night's Big Brother was as dramatic as ever as the week's shopping task got underway, with the housemates separating into two ant colonies.

Partway through the task Paul became embroiled in a row with Olivia and Noky, during which he accused them of being "d***heads" for taking the competition too seriously.

He then told the pair to "f*** off" before storming off himself. He later refused to apologise to his housemates for the outburst.

Viewers were left rather unimpressed by Paul, with one taking to X, formerly Twitter, to write: "If paul isnt evicted this week i will get the big brother house shut down, GET HIM OUT #BBUK."

"The first instresting thing paul has done this season is throw a hissy fit over literally nothing and scream at Olivia and Noky. 'I have a strong judge of character' no you do not you cardboard cutout of a man with no emotional regulation #BBUK," added another.

While a third argued: "Paul is acting like a toddler who doesn’t want to be put down for a nap #BBUK" and a fourth quipped: "Paul’s really doing me ed in now how is a fellow scouser pissing me off this much #BBUK."

The calls for Paul to be evicted from the house come after fans had been hopeful that Kerry would be nominated by her housemates for a second time after chants of "Get Kerry Out" could be heard during Friday's live eviction.

Following this the NHS manager, who hails from Essex, was left in tears as she spoke to Big Brother about how the audience chants had left her "feeling rubbish."

The crew behind the show are said to also want Kerry out after she used homophobic language.

A source told The Sun: “Behind the scenes Kerry is deeply unpopular with the crew, who of course see and hear everything. The homophobic slur felt like the final straw, really. There's a feeling of disappointment that she wasn't up for eviction; they wanted her out."

Fans have also taken to social media to argue that Hallie should be next to leave the house after they branded her "fake" after she apologised to her co-stars for her tantrums and outburst during the recent camping task.

One fan said online: “Hallie pretending to apologise because she knows nominations is coming up," while another added: “Hallie literally cba getting put up for eviction, what a fake apology."

A third said: “Hallie is so dramatic, I can't she's doing too much for these cameras," while a fourth added: “Hallie, no one cares what you have to say, shut up #BBUK."

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