Coronation Street’s Joseph child abuse concerns as youngster rushed to hospital

Coronation Street fans are in for another dramatic week this week, as Joseph’s health takes a turn for the worse.

Loyal fans of the ITV soap will know how the youngster has been pushing his luck in recent weeks by pretending to be sick to skip school. His questionable health battle has certainly caused friction in the Brown household.

Last week, husband Chesney was quick to berate Gemma after she let the 12-year-old skip school when he complained of having a headache. And it appears as though his illness is only set to get worse this week.

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At the start of the week, Joseph tells his stepmother that he doesn’t feel well, but Gemma’s sceptical after she overreacted last week. But when Chesney is called out of work to pick his son up from school, he lashes out at Gemma for not realising he was poorly.

It doesn’t take long before their heated argument gets out of hand when Chesney suggests his wife’s not coping. The auburn beauty immediately takes offence at his accusation and brands herself a terrible mum before she storms out of the house.

Later on in the week, Gemma and Chesney attempt to smooth things over by decorating their house for Christmas. The doting husband is quick to notice that Joseph is still unwell, leading the pair to seek out advice from their friends and family.

While Chesney is at work, Gemma asks Bernie for advice on how to help shift his headache. Acting on her advice, she decides to make the youngster drink lavender tea to help perk him up a bit.

But things soon go wrong when Joseph passes out. Chesney is horrified and immediately calls for an ambulance. In the hospital, the doctor tends to Joseph whilst Chesney blames himself, wishing he’d listened to Gemma all along.

The doctor throws another spanner in the works when he reveals that Joseph has been poisoned. The terrified parents are left shaken at the devastating news.

Gemma attempts to lighten the mood at the end of the week when Paul, Bernie and Billy come round for Christmas lunch. But the mood is immediately killed when Chesney and Joseph return home from hospital with a child protection officer who wants to interview Gemma.

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With everyone out of the house, Caitlin questions a horrified Gemma and suggests that she may have poisoned Joseph on purpose. But will officers believe her honest mistake and listen to her pleas? Or will she be spending Christmas behind bars with her mother too?

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if the doting mum will be arrested for child abuse or be let off with a warning.

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