Couple who met on Blind Date in 1988 go viral as they’re found still loved up on TikTok

Blind Date’s first couple to marry have gone viral on TikTok after a chance encounter revealed they were still happily loved up after 35 years.

Sue and Alex Tatham were randomly stopped on the street in London by the Meet Cutes NYC account and asked about how they first met. The TikTok interviewer was left astounded when Alex revealed that they had actually met on Cilla Black ’s iconic dating show in 1988 before marrying in 1991.

The video of the encounter has gone viral since being uploaded on Tuesday – with more than 150,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments. Sue and Alex were stopped in Shoreditch, with the interviewer asking if they would not mind sharing the story of how they first met.

Alex said: “We met on television. We met on a TV game show. It was called Blind Date. You can look us up on YouTube, 17.5m people watched our wedding.”

Blind Date would see one single contestant sit behind a screen and ask questions of three other singles on the other side of it – out of sight. Alex described how Sue was contestant number two – saying he could have quite easily have gone for one or three.

“They were also very nice,” Sue added.

The couple, still clearly smitten, were then asked to say their favourite thing about each other after 35 years of marriage.

Alex said: “The fact that actually she’s as beautiful today as she was when I first met her.”

Sue replied: “He’s so kind and he makes me laugh all the time.”

They were then asked for their advice for anyone else going on a blind date.

Sue said: “Go into it with an open heart and just go in and make the best of it and be positive and be nice.”

Alex replied: “I think the first thing we said is that because we’re on a blind date this is going to be a spectacular experience, it’s in front of the entire UK public and entire UK nation, we said that actually what we need to do is to make sure we remain friends for the rest of our lives whatever happens.”

The comments section was flooded by TikTok user who were delighted to learn that they couple were still together and clearly still so in love.

One wrote: “Oh my God, a couple from Blind Date?! It's so beautiful to know they're still together!” A second, referencing another iconic Cilla show, said: “Surprise surprise, they're still together. What a beautiful story.”

A third wrote: “I remember that episode. Love that they found love together.” A fourth, noticing the couple’s closeness in the video, observed: “The fact he searches for her hand all the time.”

On Blind Date, Alex had the choice of Lynne from Middlesex and Kate from Essex, but he went for Sue. Their first date was in Shannon, in the Republic of Ireland, where they had a medieval banquet and took in the cliffs of Moher, and they were left in no doubt that they wanted to see each other again.

After two years of travelling to see each other – with Alex in London and Sue in Walsall – they decided to get married – the first Blind Date couple ever to do so. Cilla Black famously ‘bought a hat’ for the occasion and was among the guests as the ceremony was televised in 1991 for a Blind Date special – with 17 million people tuning in.

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