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DAISY Midgeley's feelings for Ryan Connor are growing, particularly after the pair jumped into bed together.

But according to Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod, the affair is likely to push Daniel Osbourne to take drastic action.

Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) saved Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) from a horrific acid attack and the pair have been getting closer ever since.

However, their bond slowly turned romantic and ITV viewers were thrown to watch them crawl into bed together – despite Daisy's commitment to fiancé Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

The long-running storyline will reach a climax soon – but Iain has revealed it may not be the one people expect.

He said: “I love this love triangle and I veer week to week from being team Daniel and Daisy to being team Ryan and Daisy and I think that’s really unusual. 

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“Normally in shows like ours when you have an affair, you end up having to make one person behave really badly in order to motivate their partner cheating, but this has been so organic from the start and I entirely understand Daisy’s feelings for Daniel and where they come from and the depth of those, but I also understand the depth of feeling she’s got from Ryan, having survived this terrible ordeal."

"I honestly don’t know who I’m rooting for in a really good way I think, I’ve got very divided loyalties", the producer added.

“Suffice to say it obviously ends up in a right pickle and Daisy’s feelings for Ryan can’t go undiscovered by Daniel forever so he does indeed start to cotton on to what’s going on for these two and the intensity of feeling they have for each other and the betrayals they’ve committed behind his back."

But when feeling threatened or attacked, Daniel Osbourne isn't one to stand by and accept his fate, as noticed by regular viewers of the Manchester-based program.

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Despite keeping his dangerous angry outbursts at bay after attacking young Max Turner, Daniel isn't exempted from losing his cool once again.

“There’s lot of really tense scenes where Daniel’s starting to put the pieces together, we see a slight revisiting of some of Daniel’s darkness – not quite to the extent of him pushing anyone down the stairs this time – but what we do know about Daniel is that when pushed into an emotional corner, there’s a switch that goes and he’s capable of doing some fairly underhand and fairly classically dark things. 

“So we’ll see flashes of that as the story unfolds and some excellent soapy manipulations on his part to try and distance Ryan from Daisy as quickly and as far apart as possible. 

“But in the end it all comes crashing down, there’s some fantastic scenes concerning the end of that relationship, some big dilemmas for Daisy in terms of ‘If not Daniel, then is Ryan the right choice? If I were to choose him, would that be purely because he’s now the default setting, or is that really what I want?’ 

“And obviously Ryan in the middle of that is quite a vulnerable guy at this time and stands to get his heart trampled on if he’s not careful.”

But while the love triangle reaches a climax – another one will spring from within it.


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Lucy Fallon will reprise her role as Bethany Platt around Christmas – and as The Sun exclusively revealed, she’s got her eye on ex Daniel at just the right time.

Iain explained: “Into the middle of this really very volatile cocktail arrives Bethany, who’s obviously got lots of history with Daniel, and that very much sharpens Daisy’s focus in terms of how she feels about Daniel. 

“Suddenly this guy that she may have been starting to move away from, possibly by force of will, suddenly there’s a romantic threat on the cards and that recalibrates how she feels about the whole enterprise.

“It’s a really brilliant, classic soap story I think. We were, without duplicating anything, attempting to go for something that had the same level of emotional heft as some of the classic affairs of yore – the Deirdre and Mike stuff, something that’s a love triangle for the ages I suppose. 

“It’s going to run deep into next year as all these unresolved feelings are buried but like all good buried feelings, they all come back to the surface with a bang or two across the following twelve months. 

“So Bethany’s back and we’re all fantastically excited to have her back, she’s incredibly well liked around the building, the viewers love her. 

“She’s a slightly different proposition now from when we last saw her – there’s been a number of years that have elapsed, she’s grown up quite a lot, she’s had the beginnings of a successful journalism career in London and she turns back up and is instantly a foe for Daisy. 

“They’re very evenly matched now – Bethany might once have seemed like a younger woman or a girl; she’s very much more a woman now, more on Daisy’s level, so it’s a really heavyweight tussle between these two women, which I’m really looking forward to seeing more of."

Who will Daisy choose out of Ryan and Daniel?

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Could Bethany force her into making a decision?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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