‘Despicable and arrogant’ Richard Madeley SLAMMED by GMB fans after on air row with doctor over 35% pay rise demands | The Sun

RICHARD Madeley has come under fire for his ‘disgusting’ behaviour during a debate about the junior doctor strikes.

The Good Morning Britain star sparked outrage as he told Dr Sumi Manirajan, Deputy co-chair of the UK Doctors’ Committee, BMA she wouldn’t be getting a 35% pay rise live on air.

Sitting with his arms crossed, Richard told her: “You are not going to get 35%, a lot of people think you deserve it, but you are not going to get that, obviously. Average settlements in this country are around 8/8.5% so you are not going to get anywhere near 35%, let’s be realistic. What would you settle for?”

As the doctor tried to explain to him about the pay cut doctors have taken, Richard interjected straight away and said: “I am going to ask you a much straighter question and I want you to answer it, if you want to say no comment that’s fine, but let’s have a straight answer. You are not going to get 35%, you know that, what would you settle for?

Dr Sumi replied: “A credible offer is one that shows the government is serious about addressing the pay erosion we have faced over the last 15 years, is one that the committee thinks is suitable to put to the members.

Richard continued by suggesting a figure to her, which she declined to engage in.

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The conversation got even more heated as Richard questioned what she was saying and the terms on which she would meet cancel the strikes.

Those watching at home were taken aback by Richard’s attitude throughout the interview.

One person commented: “Disgusting interview @richardm56 treatment of this young woman is despicable.”

A second added: “Disgusting attitude towards her! The sheer arrogance in your approach towards the doctors is appalling. They save our lives. They have bills to pay too. MPs set for £92k salary. Compare and contrast…”

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While a third questioned: “Well well……and how much are you getting paid @richardm56 for sitting behind a desk in such a smug and  condescending fashion talking down to people who make life and death decisions every day at work……you Sir are a disgrace at times.”

And another commented: “Why does Madeley have to adopt such an aggressive pose whilst talking to this woman? Not a good look…”

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