EastEnders brings back a third dead character in one week in surprise twist

This article contains spoilers from an episode of EastEnders that hasn’t aired on BBC One yet, but is available to view on BBC iPlayer.

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has made a brief return to EastEnders, four months on from her death.

The beloved character died at the end of May after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. The storyline was heartbreaking and concluded with Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and Lexi (Isabella Brown) hugging Lola after she died in her sleep.

Before her death, Lola put things in place that ensured Lexi would continue growing up with her mum still in her life.

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In tonight’s (September 4) episode, Lexi sat down with Ben (Max Bowden) to view a video message from Lola, who was on hand to give advice before Lexi’s first day at secondary school.

Lola reminded Lexi to be kind at her new school and to always do her best. She then said to her daughter that she’s there every step of the way in spirit, and that she loves her very much.

Lola finished the call by blowing a kiss to the camera, with Ben and Lexi doing the same.

Lola’s return comes after the BBC One soap welcomed back two other characters from the dead.

Last week, Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) headed back to Walford after it was revealed that she didn’t die 20 years ago, but instead had been living undercover as a lady called Rose Knight.

In 2014, Cindy walked out on the Knight family after learning of her daughter Lucy Beale’s murder.

She headed to Walford, desperate to see Lucy’s twin Peter (played by Ben Hardy at the time) but was picked up by her police handler Mary.

In the car, as Mary told Cindy about how much danger she had put herself in by travelling from Marbella to England, they were interrupted by a knock on the window.

To everyone’s shock, it was Fatboy (Ricky Norwood), who innocently asked the two women for the time – months before he was seemingly killed off.

Elsewhere tonight, as Lily (Lillia Turner) goes into labour, Stacey (Lacey Turner) faces a terrifying moment where she realises Theo (William Ellis) is the person responsible for stalking her.

‘It floors Stacey and things quickly go from bad to worse,’ Lacey Turner revealed.

‘At first she just doesn’t believe it because she can’t imagine him to be capable of doing something like this. He’s put on such an act in front on her for months and really supported her so he’s the last person she would ever suspect.

‘It’s only when Stacey realises how deluded he is about their relationship that she starts to panic as she knows she’s in danger.’

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