EastEnders fans predict dramatic death as Kheerat Pensesar set for fatal exit

EastEnders enthusiasts are buzzing with speculation as a compelling fan theory suggests that Kheerat Panesar, a central character in the soap, is on the verge of meeting his demise.

The theory, supported a rising number viewers online, revolves around how Kheerat remaining alive would have potential implications for the Panesar family's storyline.

One fan's observation about the character’s death suggest that Kheerat's continued presence on the show might undermine the credibility of upcoming Panesar family narratives.

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"Most of the Panesar storylines' biggest plotholes include the fact that the actor for Kheerat has left the soap.

"I think EastEnders weren't going to kill him off until they realized the rest of the Panesars' new storylines aren't as believable if Kheerat is alive," posed one fan on Reddit.

Another theory read: “Suki would tell kheerat about the tapes. If kheereat got out, Martin and Stacey wont happen. Nish becomes no threat if Kheerat is out and able to protect his mum. Etc etc.” This fan theory suggests that Kheerat's offscreen demise could serve as a catalyst for Suki's character arc, driving her to her breaking point.

“The "Ravi got Kheerats leg broken" in todays episode is what I think is leading towards eventually getting Ravis men to kill Kheerat offscreen,” added another fan.

“This way, we get to see Suki at her most pivotal moment, her last straw and have a real reason to take down Ravi (in a way that isnt just police). We get to see Suki fight in a way where she has nothing left to lose.” Furthermore, it is believed that Ravi's recent actions could play a pivotal role in Kheerat's fate.

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As one fan pointed out: "Suki hit Ravi where it hurts most today. She told his son about his evil side, and I reckon that will lead to Ravi harming Kheerat even more." Other fans chimed in with alternative theories. “He’ll be released from prison offscreen and go and live somewhere not on the square most likely. Maybe joining Ash in Canada or going to another part of the country where he’ll be infrequently referenced,” one fan penned.

Another joked that “Killing him offscreen is also a great idea because it allows for future writers to bring him back from the dead by saying he was in witness protection for 25 years,” referencing the recent arrival on Cindy Beale actress Michelle Collins, who re-entered the soap after being “killed off” 25 years ago.

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