Emmerdale Caleb’s wife’s identity exposed as soap star gushes over ‘dream role’

Emmerdale have signed up Beth Cordingly to play Caleb Milligan's wife Ruby Fox-Milligan.

Mother to Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope), Ruby is fiery, confident, unpredictable and a fiercely devoted parent. If she believes Caleb has finally found a family of his own away from her, it's fair to say she’d happily destroy it rather than allow Caleb to be happy without her.

Ruby is described "as a force to be reckoned with" and "a ticking time bomb" and actress Beth will make her on-screen debut in January. The TV star already has a wealth of television and theatre credits to her name including The Bill , Dead Set and Family Affairs.

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Beth Cordingly said: I’m delighted to be joining the cast of Emmerdale, it’s an enormous privilege and Ruby is a dream role. She’s a firecracker and a trouble-maker and I think people will love her or hate her, and I can’t wait to get stuck in with this fabulous cast."

Producer Kate Brooks added: "Ruby is an absolute force of nature who sweeps through the village with scores to settle. Fiercely loyal to her family, Ruby will do anything and everything to protect her loved ones. Her relationship with Caleb is infused with intense passion that manifests itself as the ultimate volatile relationship.

"Ruby is a character who pulls no punches and always makes an impression. We're delighted to welcome Beth to the show and we're sure she'll make a wonderful addition to the village." Fans of the soap will know that Caleb has recently embarked in a shock affair with his nephew Nate Robinson's (Jurrel Carter) wife Tracy (Amy Walsh).

In recent scene, Tracy was determined to put all thoughts of Caleb behind her as she attempted to give her full attention to Nate. However, Tracy was soon tested as the family gathered for Cain Dingle's (Jeff Hordley) birthday. Tracy was flushed to have Caleb sitting so close to her and found an excuse to head into the toilet corridor. This resulted in Caleb following her and with passion fizzing, they kissed passionately.

Yet things took an explosive turn when they were almost caught by Cain and they headed back through to The Woolpack bar. Caleb was uneasy to see Tracy go back to Nate and later, when Caleb left, Tracy followed him as they ended up in bed together. However, after being together, Tracy suddenly acted annoyed with Caleb, especially when he offered to walk her back. Later, the two met up in the village where Tracy warned: "It meant nothing! I don't care [you don't believe me], if you ever do anything to hurt Nate…"

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Caleb insisted he didn't want to hurt anyone, especially her, with Tracy replying: "Like I said, it means nothing to me, you mean nothing to me… so as long as you understand that, then maybe we can both get what we want." Fans will have to wait and see if Ruby's arrival has anything to do with Tracy and Caleb's affair.

Emmerdale airs weekday nights at 7.30pm on ITV and ITVX

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