Emmerdale’s Belle and Tom split ‘sealed’ as fans twig Lachlan ‘back in village’

Lachlan White has been securely behind bars at a maximum security prison since his despicable crimes in 2018 – and now fans think he could be “back in Emmerdale already”. Plenty are predicting heartache for Lachlan’s ex Belle Dingle and her current beau Tom King as Lachlan’s return would wreak havoc on their romance.

Lachlan murdered his best friend Gerry after bashing his head in with a brick and caused the deaths of his mum Chrissie and grandfather Lawrence in a car crash – and left his aunt Rebecca with brain damage. Along with kidnapping Belle and hiring his dad to burn down the Woolpack and stab Vanessa Woodfield, Lachlan’s string of crimes were enough to get him a life sentence.

But earlier this year, it was confirmed that Lachlan would be transferring prisons. Though it seemed to go off without a hitch, fans are now predicting a huge twist – and they think Lachlan could be the hostage Cain and Caleb are keeping locked up.

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During Friday’s episode (October 6), Moira discovered her husband was hiding something and stormed into the boarded up farm to discover a mysterious hooded figure sitting on a couch. Uttering the word: “You!”, it was kept a mystery to viewers who the kidnapped victim could be.

But plenty of fans are sure it’s Lachlan the brothers are keeping caged up – and for good reason, since he’s one of the village’s most ruthless serial killers.

One Facebook user suggested: “I think it’s Lachlan at the farm who likes to torment Belle, that’s why Tom got beaten up when his mates stole his car… Think someone called Cain about the car and he put two and two together. Cain would do anything for his sister.”

Somebody else agreed: “This is who I think is in the barn… Lachlan come back to cause trouble for Belle.” While a third social media user said: “Lachlan was being transferred a couple of months ago. Maybe something went wrong, he changed IDs with another inmate and is now out.”

Another echoed: “The police told Belle that Lachlan was due to be transferred. Could be him.”

But others were less sure, with one social media user penning: “I don’t think it’s Lachlan – unless he escaped his life sentence I don’t reckon it’s him and Moira doesn’t even know Lachlan does she?”

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“Why would Cain and Caleb bring him back to the village?” someone else wondered. While another fan said: “My theory is it’s Emma as Moira was the one who pushed her, but Adam took thee blame… maybe she has come to see her grandchildren and seek revenge, if so Adam could return. It’s a long shot but who knows?!”

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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