Holly Willoughby faces backlash as she misses This Morning in presenter shake-up

This Morning: Josie and Alison open the show

Holly Willoughby sparked a backlash from This Morning viewers for being absent from Thursday’s show.

Josie Gibson, who has been presenting all week alongside Holly, informed viewers: “And look who’s joined me it’s only the one and only Alison Hammond.”

“I hope you don’t mind, I got a bit jealous when I saw you and Holly.”

She went on: “Is that OK? I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, I love you,” Josie replied.

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Viewers were left baffled as no explanation was given for the presenter’s absence.

Twitter user @criticaltv1 penned: “I knew Holly was busting her a*** for a holiday #thismorning.”

“Is #HollyWilloughby off on her “hols” again?” @changindan echoed, adding: “Well to be fair she has worked a 4-day week for at least 3 weeks. Time to get rid of her permanently guys. #toxicworkplace #ThisMorning.”

“Holly having a day off!!#thismorning,” @kellymcc5 shared.

@S829MLY added: “That’s me watching the cricket instead, if Holly can’t be bothered neither can I… #Thismorning.”

@Boppity_Boo34 remarked: “Where’s Holly I missed the beginning? #ThisMorning.”

@hollywillslove commented: “Not even a mention of why she’s not on today?!” along with a confused face emoji.

Holly usually fronts the show from Mondays to Thursdays and since Phillip Schofield’s exit has been joined by an array of hosts on a rotating basis.

The presenter often comes under fire from viewers for taking extensive breaks during the summer along with other TV presenters.

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