Horror fans ‘can’t sleep’ after watching new 'almost unwatchable' movie calling it ‘the most messed up film' | The Sun

FILM buffs have branded the new horror film When Evil Lurks 'the most messed up film of the year'.

The Amazon Prime movie tells the disturbing story of a supernatural plague that takes hold of a small town.

One Rotten Tomatoes film critic even warned viewers against eating or drinking while watching due to its gruesome nature.

The movie follows two brothers who find a demon-infected man in a farmhouse on their land.

They kick the man off their property, without realising that their reckless actions will trigger an epidemic of possessions across the town.

The brothers must outrun the virus-like possession to try and find the cure for the blood-thirsty outbreak.

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"One of the scariest horror films of the decade," one viewer called it.

"One of the best horror films of the decade by far. An original Argentinian film that captures paranoia and the road to possession so well," another agreed.

"The character building, the setting and soundtrack, and the overall bleakness blew me away. Horror at its finest.. I AM SHOOK," they continued.

"Solid horror, insane kills and very fun scares. Some scenes left me shocked and you'll see why," a third wrote.

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"Well that was messed up but one of my favourite takes on possession. What a brutal film," said another.

"Suddenly I wanted to watch this and I can't sleep now. Should I turn on the light?" one viewer wrote.

Film critics also took to X to share their thoughts on the grizzly horror.

"Brutal, tense, and terrifying, Demian Rugna’s WHEN EVIL LURKS on Shudder is the scariest movie of the year and the best possession horror I have seen in quite a while.

"Full of indelible, astounding imagery! Make sure you have dry pants nearby when you watch," one critic wrote.

"It is so disgusting, it's so nasty, it's so well put together because it doesn't follow the traditions of possession films," chimed another.

The film is available on Shudder and Amazon Prime.

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