Inbetweeners star did sex act with fire extinguisher in Jackass-style stunt

James Buckley confessed he did a sex act with a fire extinguisher at school in a crude Jackass-style stunt.

The Inbetweeners actor, 36, went for it during a drama class when he was a teenager.

And it sounded just like the antics of his character Jay in the classic comedy.

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James said: “In the drama room there was a fire extinguisher and the pin was pulled out of it.

“So I perched on this fire extinguisher. And while he was teaching I took the hose and I was putting it between my legs and then I did a bit where I pretended to give it a bl*w j*b.

“But the pin had been taken out and I leant back a bit too much and it squirted all in my face!”

The incident was so lewd his classmates and his drama teacher were stunned.

But James confessed he was obsessed with doing wacky things because he loved watching TV hit Jackass. The star used to mimic the dangerous stunts with his pals at school.

He said: “We just based our whole personalities off that show. We were just daring each other to do some… silly stunts.”

Last year, the TV star became the first non-US celebrity to make $1million (£920,000) from Cameo after joining the platform in 2020.

According to the actor, he's filmed approximately 40,000 videos of Jay's catchprases for paying fans.

Speaking Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews's Big Fish podcast, Buckley said: “It was a godsend financially. But I never wanted to take the p*ss, again I’m in the business of making people happy – I don’t want to rip people off, I charge 40 quid.

“Two mates can go in 20 quid each for their other mate down the pub and I call him a bus wanker and take the piss out of him and it makes a lot of people happy.”

“I have done 10s of thousands. 10s and 10s of thousands, maybe 30, 40,000 something like that.”

See the full interview with James on Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains tonight at 9pm on Comedy Central.

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