ITV Corrie fans work out whats wrong with Joseph in Gemma Winter twist

Coronation Street fans think they might have worked out a new twist to come in what could really be wrong with Joseph Brown.

In Wednesday night's episode, viewers of the ITV soap were left worried over whether a health battle could be on the cards for 12-year-old Joseph as he took a day off school with a headache.

Dad Chesney had wanted to send his son to school, but stepmum Gemma Winter chose to keep him at home – and when she couldn't get him a GP appointment, she decided to take him to A&E to get checked over.

One fan wrote on X: "A&E – that's a bit extreme Gemma. Joseph doesn't look that bad."

Someone else asked: "Oh dear what’s up with Joseph."

Doctors at the hospital were not concerned about Joseph's headache and sent him back home again, where an annoyed Chesney questioned Gemma's judgment.

But Gemma insisted it could be something more serious as she claimed Joseph was lethargic – leading some viewers to guess at what could really be going on.

Gemma is currently going through a heartbreaking time as her twin brother Paul Foreman is dying of motor neurone disease and will soon share that he only has months left to live.

As Gemma has also struggled with her mental health this year over caring for so many children, viewers began to wonder whether she would start to become anxious about Joseph's health as a reaction to her own problems.

One person commented: "I wonder if Gemma will start to be become overprotective of Joseph?"

Another viewer wrote: "Ohh Gemma's mental health has been bad before. I hope she's not convinced herself Joseph is really ill because of what's happened with Paul."

Someone else added: "I think Gemma is panicking."

Actor Peter Ash, who plays Paul, told Good Morning Britain in October that the soap's viewers could be in for a rough Christmas with his storyline.

He said: "It's quite a sad Christmas really, for Paul, he finds out that he's got six to 12 months left, so it's looking likely this could be his last Christmas.

"So for him, it's just making the most of every little moment and spending it with the family and kids."

Gemma has also had a tough year on the work front as she lost her job at The Rovers when it was controversially sold off – with staff immediately laid off as renovations began.

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