ITV GMB’s Susanna Reid slams ‘desperate’ Nigel Farage after I’m A Celeb confession

Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid has branded Nigel Farage "desperate" as she commented on a campfire chat he had with co-stars in I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

The ITV news anchor slated Nigel, who is a high-profile contestant on the ITV reality show, claiming the whole reason he was in the jungle was to make a bid for prime minister in the future.

At the beginning of Thursday's Good Morning Britain, Susanna and her co-host Ben Shephard watched a clip from Wednesday night's I'm A Celebrity, but Susanna said she wasn't taken in by Nigel's "disingenuous" claims.

Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson had asked former UKIP leader Nigel during a chat in camp who his favourite UK prime minister had been.

He replied: "Really, in my lifetime, two prime ministers who've been really strong, who've changed the country: one's Thatcher and one's Blair.

"I didn't like the way Blair changed the country at all but I have to admit he was a strong leader. Margaret was a very strong leader. They were tough times, but she changed the country completely."

But when exEastEndersactress Danielle Harold asked Nigel if he would ever run for prime minister, he said: "I don't know. We'll see. Depends how much of a mess the country gets in. Never say never… I honestly don't know. It's not an easy job."

Cutting back to the GMB studio, Susanna made it clear she was unimpressed by his answer as she accused Nigel of only going into the jungle for that exact reason.

She said: "I mean honestly, Nigel don't be so disingenuous. You're desperate to stand for prime minister.

"What's all this 'I don't know'? That's what he's in it for!"

Susanna also called out Nella Rose later in the show as she pointed out her reaction to a row with Nigel had been very different to her spat with Fred Sirieix, who she is still not speaking to.

The GMB host told showbiz reporter Richard Arnold after watching a clip of Nella Rose and Nigel arguing: "Do you know what, that did kind of leave me speechless, because she's properly taken Nigel Farage on…what we didn't see there is that she extended the hand of friendship after that row. They shook hands, they agreed to disagree.

"But people are saying how come she can do that with Nigel Farage, she has a massive argument about immigration with him, she can't do that with Fred Sirieix who said something he didn't realise was upsetting to her?"

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