ITV Im A Celeb stars families touch down in Australia to support their loved ones

The families of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! contestants landed in Australia today, Tuesday, 28 November, to support the stars.

Sarah Corrin, the girlfriend of Hollyoaks actor Nick Pickard, was among the first to be photographed arriving Down Under, as she spoke of her pride for the soap star.

Danielle Harold’s mum, Lisa Marie Carter, also flew out from the UK with the EastEnders star’s stepdad David Murray and her friend Avinash Goury.

Speaking at Brisbane Airport on Tuesday, 28 November, Nick’s partner Sarah said she was surprised the 48-year-old hasn’t got 'hangry' in camp yet.

While many know him for his role as Tony on Hollyoaks, Sarah said it was nice that people were getting to know Nick better.

She said: “I’m dead proud and I’m just glad people are getting to see the Nick part of him and not Tony."

Sarah added: "I’ve seen him do some of the challenges but I’ve still yet to see him do a bushtucker trial. And all my friends and family are like what shall we do.

"And I say vote! Vote! And they’re like you’re not meant to vote him in and I’m like we are! I think he’d enjoy it!"

Going on to talk about Nick's hunger, which he was also worried about prior to going into camp, she said: "Do you know what the biggest surprise to me is that I haven’t seen him have a hunger tantrum.

"He is the most positive upbeat person you'll ever meet but don’t mess with him and his food.

"So I haven't really seen that so far. And when people are going off for the Trials he’s like 'Don’t worry if you don’t get all the stars' but I know on the inside he’s like inside, 'You have to get all the stars'.

Sarah said she "always knew" the Hollyoaks star would "do well" in the jungle.

She continued: "I always knew he would do well in there. I’ve always wanted him to do it. His main concern was hunger.

"I tried to prep him with the intermittent fasting – sandwiches from the fridge and the rest. I’m really surprised that he hasn’t been more about the food."

Meanwhile, Danielle’s mum said she feels she is "sharing her with everyone" now viewers are seeing her daughter for herself and not an EastEnders character.

Danielle is well-known for her role as Lola Pearce-Brown during two stints in Albert Square lasting over a decade, but her mum insists she is now "being herself" in the jungle.

Lisa said: "It’s been good, she’s doing really, really well, I knew she would be determined.

"A lot of people in there aren’t themselves in their jobs but when you’re playing someone for so long, it’s really difficult to switch off but she’s a really caring person.

"It is a bit weird watching her as herself on TV, it is almost like we are sharing her with everyone," she added.

Asked if 31-year-old Danielle could win, she added: "If she just keeps being herself, she’s very caring. She's already a winner in my eyes anyway, I'm really proud."

The doting mum also revealed how brave Danielle has helped her to conquer one of her own fears, explaining: "I don’t know how she does it with the trials, "I knew she would give it a good go but I am a bit surprised at how much she has thrown herself into it.

"She was anxious going in. I am not worried now though because I can see she looks happy and she is enjoying herself."

Lisa also explained why Danielle had recently rejected one of the meals in camp as it had reminded her of her pet back home.

She explained: "Absolutely no way she would be eating that hare; the rest of the stuff she would have a go, but not the hare.

"She has a rabbit that she adored and it’s like her little baby really so she just wouldn’t eat that.

"The rabbit is called Sonny, Sonny the bunny and he is being looked after by her dad and friends; he is being very well cared for!"

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