ITV Im A Celebs Nigel Farage flashing bum in own bikini moment for attention, says expert

Nigel Farage flashing his bum in the bath has certainly got I'm A Celebrity viewers talking – and now, body language expert Judi James says he is trying to create his own "bikini moment" which he knows will get attention.

In the past the likes of Myleene Klass have hit the headlines using the jungle shower in a white bikini.

But Nigel has found a way to attract attention by stripping off when he washes himself in the mornings, with viewers getting an eyeful of his bum in the bath and shower that has sparked suspicions he may be aiming for his own iconic moment.

Judi said: "A guaranteed way to get camera time in the jungle is the bikini moment in the shower, made famous by Myleene Klass’s iconic white bikini pose, so it might be no coincidence that Nigel’s naked bathing has become a daily feature when most contestants opt to bathe or shower in their undies.

"When Josie spoke about seeing his bum Nigel stood with his hands on his hips in a gesture of confidence and even moved closer to her as he asked for compliments with his 'was it alright?'."

Former Big Brother expert Judi also said Nigel was using conversation-hijacking techniques to ensure the focus remains on him, even when others have something to say.

Referring to new campmate Tony Bellew, Judi told Paddy Power Games: "Tony was unpacking his life story including fights with other boxers and this was Nigel’s verbal hi-jack moment when he brought up the 'thruple' sex life of one of Tony’s rivals, bringing the spotlight back on himself as he did so. He even peacocked by pit-baring after he’s done so."

Judi has also been keeping an eagle eye on how the arrival of new campmates Tony and Frankie Dettori has affected the rest of the cast and has noted some tell-tale signs that not everyone is happy.

She said that Nigel, Marvin Humes and Sam Thompson had all looked uncomfortable at the group dynamic being upset – but interestingly, she thought that the two new arrivals might be behind Nella Rose and Fred Sirieix's truce.

Nella finally looked to have set aside her annoyance at Fred during a challenge, but Judi said: "When a stranger invades an established group it can cause group cohesion, meaning any battles within this group are halted as the group unites against the new 'threat'.

Pointing out the signs that Nella had simply paused their spat, she said that Nella was clearly trying to form an alliance with Josie Gibson and Grace Dent in her body language with them.

She added: "Then there was the telling pause as Fred offered his hand to Nella in a high five and she kept him hanging in the air. It was only a three second wait, but the message would have been that Fred might still need to graft to get back into her friendship circle.

"They did hug briefly at the end of their Slam Dunk task, but both patted the other quickly, which is always a signal to break from the hug."

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