Jamie Oliver says wife bullied him into making new cookbook

Jamie Oliver revealed his wife "bullied" him into releasing a new cookbook titled 5 Ingredients Mediterranean.

On Wednesday's The One Show (September 6), Jamie was welcomed onto the show by hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas.

Talking about his new book, Alex said: "Lots of people like me, you know we love your five ingredients. But is it right Jools actually bullied you into this?"

He answered: "Jools was like can you do another five ingredients, please? It's the only one that the parents at school talk about.

"The next year she asked again and after two years, she was like 'I'm serious'. Can you just do it? I've cooked the book several times. I need new recipes.'

"And I think what she was sort of tuning into is, as an audience as a public, we're changing a lot since the days of the Naked Chef.

"And the idea of long lists is very frightening to people.

So, putting them down to five means the list is short.

"They're easy to sort of message your partner or whoever's going to help you cook in, keeps costs down but all of these things matter."

He added: "Now, from a creative point of view, you know, like what you don't put in or restraint, is the secret ingredient.

"So as a cook, I've got my ego on one side of add this and this and that but as a cook, really focusing on five ingredients, keeping it simple and providing flavour, and then being able to go to the Med to bring a little bit of sunshine into your home was kind of the vibe."

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