Jeremy Vine left shaking his head as hes mocked by driver after confrontation

Jeremy Vine confronts driver on his phone in Kensington

Jeremy Vine shared his drone footage from his recent outing which saw him confronting a driver who was sitting on his phone, before admitting he didn’t have a licence.

As he drove past the white car, he noticed the driver wasn’t paying attention to the traffic he was sitting in, and instead was more engrossed on his phone.

Jeremy headed over to the driver and tapped on the window, leaving the driver to blankly stare back.

The Channel 5 presenter noted: “That’s six points on your licence,” to which he sarcastically replied: “Good boy.

“I don’t have a licence, I don’t have a licence,” leaving Jeremy to reply: “Well why don’t you have a licence?

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“If you don’t have a licence then why are you out?” He asked before the driver pulled away waving his hand in his face and said: “I just don’t have one.”

Getting in front of the vehicle, Jeremy captured the vehicle number plate before riding on his journey.

Tweeting the video out, Jeremy wrote: “What happens when you film a mobile phone driver and he says, ‘I can’t get fined because I don’t have a licence?’

“This just happened to me on (of course) Kensington High Street.” (sic)

Fans of Jeremy’s Twitter account commented on the altercation, with @claydenizen commenting: “Shouldn’t be on the roads.

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“Also illustrates how the ‘on my phone but what’s the problem I’m stuck in traffic’ argument some drivers come up with, despite being illegal, is such a load of carp. Traffic starts moving, the phone stays in hand.”

@Mattwardman expressed: “He can get fined. He can even get points or a ban on a virtual licence.”

@SonOfTheWinds joked: “You should have asked him which primary school he attended so we can ask his for teachers what he was like at school… ‘I don’t have a licence’.”

@JamesHa78131584 said: “Always in busy areas with lots of people around to intervene, should it turn nasty.”

@SonOfTheWinds: “I hope TFL are watching this… That licence should be revoked!” (sic)

Jeremy Vine airs on weekdays from 9am on Channel 5.

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