Lorraine descends into chaos as viewers claim Andi Peters is ‘drunk’ live on air

Lorraine viewers were left with their jaws on the floor after saying they thought show regular Andi Peters was ‘drunk’ live on air.

The hit ITV show returned for another instalment on Thursday (September 7) with TV favourite Lorraine Kelly back at the helm.

But things on the show took a rather chaotic turn after show regular Andi Peters made a very animated appearance.

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The presenter was joined by Entertainment editor Lucie Cave, and they both appeared to be very giddy while showing off two cocktails.

No stranger to a cheeky comment, Andi joked about the size of the cocktails as he quipped: “That's how you get through the day!”

Appearing very excited, and flitting between topics, Andi told viewers: “I've got £100,000 to give away – oh Lorraine I've got one thing before you go, chocolate with your name written on it!”

The host then thanked him and walked off to make her way across the studio – but ended up accidentally walking in front of the camera.

Lorraine’s mishap caused Andi to burst into fists of laughter, before he ran across the studio to nab the host’s iconic armchair.

While still laughing, he then announced the hefty £100,000 competition prize up for grabs for the show’s viewers.

Sat with a giggling Lucie with the two cocktails, Lorraine quipped how everyone had gone “bonkers,” claiming there is “definitely something in the air.”

Fans watching the episode were left stunned at Andi’s behaviour and questioned whether or not he was “drunk” on air.

Rushing over to X, formerly known as Twitter, one social media user fumed: “The show is a bit weird today, they're all acting like they're two glasses in.”

A second chimed in and added: “This is f**king painful, why are they so manic?”

Echoing their thoughts, someone else said: “Are they all p**sed? Why's this Lucie f**king yelling everything?”

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Things took a cheeky turn soon after though, when Lucie flashed her knickers live on air – giving viewers more than an eyeful.

Lucie was in the studio for another one of her Lust List segments – where she gives a rundown of all the latest hottest trends and items at the moment.

The showbiz then went on to discuss the latest trend of underwear as outerwear – made famous by celebs like Madonna and Dua Lipa.

“Now I’ve given it a go,” Lucie said, before making her way to the front of the camera.

Lorraine looked stunned and quizzed: “What are you doing? Jesus.”

“Sorry if it’s going to put you off your breakfast,” Lucie added before lifting up her skirt to show her pants over the top of her tights.

She then added: “Sorry mum!” before quickly rushing back behind the table.

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