Lottie Moss furiously punches door over Adam Collard’s behaviour on Celebs Go Dating

Celebs Go Dating star Lottie Moss punched a door as she was left furious by the actions of Adam Collard on the programme.

Viewers have seen the OnlyFans model getting to know Love Island star Adam on the show after they discovered they had a connection, with the pair sleeping together. 

However, as they sat down for blind dates in tonight's episode, Adam's turned out to be with his ex, Autumn, with the 27 year old pleased to see his former flame after around three and a half years.

The date appeared to go well as they both beamed, and as the camera panned to Lottie – who was on her own date – she was seen finding the situation uncomfortable.

Once the dates were over, the experts asked Lottie how she felt, and the 25 year old tried to play it cool, claiming that she was fine with the situation.

However, things quickly deteriorated as the experts brought Jasmine, whom Adam had also dated, back into the equation.

As the experts tried to establish how the dates with the girls had been going, they asked Jasmine for her thoughts.

She said to Adam: "If there is something with you and Lottie, I feel like that shouldn't be ignored, and I feel like I'd be a bit silly if I was to just keep going on dates with you after you telling me there was nothing."

Jasmine then explained that Adam had also made some comments which appeared to confuse her.

Paul Brunson then asked Jasmine to expand on that, to which she told them: "He just said that it was nothing more than physical with Lottie."

The whole room appeared stunned by the revelation, and Lottie remarked: "Wow, that's interesting."

Adam was then asked to decide who he would like to date again out of Lottie, Jasmine and Autumn, and in another shocking move, he decided on Autumn.

As the heated scene came to an end, Lottie was joined by her new pal, Love Island's Chloe Burrows, to discuss what had just happened.

Lottie was visibly furious, and she could be heard saying: "I need to get the f*** out of here."

Shortly after, she stormed towards the exit with Chloe just behind her as she shouted: "What a f***ing idiot. I'm so f***ing angry."

Lottie then hit the door on her way out expressing her anger at Adam's actions.

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