MAFS UK fans ‘work out’ Porsche’s ‘plan’ as star stays with Terrance after row

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    Married at First Sight UK fans have "worked out" why Porsche decided to stay in the Channel 4 dating experiment.

    At the beginning of the series, Porsche, 36, married youth worker and DJ Terrance, with the two bonding during the ceremony over having children.

    But things certainly haven't been smooth sailing for the newlyweds, with the pair even arguing over a spoon on their honeymoon.

    During Wednesday's (September 27) episode, the contestants arrived at the first dinner party of the series and it didn't look good for Porsche when she turned up without Terrance.

    Things turned even more sour when Terrance arrived late, however chose to ignore his wife at the table.

    Later, a sobbing Porscha said: "What have I done to warrant such disdain?"

    During Thursday's (September 28) instalment, the first commitment ceremony arrived where the couples had to decide whether to remain in the social experiment.

    Ahead of Porscha's decision, fans headed to social media to suspect she would choose to remain because she enjoys the attention.

    One viewer penned: "#MAFSUK Wouldn't surprise me if Porscha writes stay just to get more attention. I'd rather Terrence stay though,poor bloke with that cow & her constant fake crying Just fk off & take your dodgy wig with you."

    A second agreed: "Porsha would write stay to control Terrance more. Porsha doesn’t even like him. She just wants a punch bag and because Terrance isn’t giving anything back she keeps going."

    While another wrote: "Porsha’s acting is cringe. Never an actual tear. The attention she craves is nauseating. He needs to run and run fast."

    At the ceremony, the couples were stunned when Terrance chose to leave the show.

    Despite their recent fallouts, and the fact she feels Terrance "doesn't deserve" her forgiveness, Porscha decided to remain in the experiment.

    Fans quickly swarmed social media once again, echoing their thoughts of Porscha being an attention seeker.

    One wrote: "Porscha is absolutely unhinged. She hates Terence, can’t stand to be in his company, wouldn’t even speak to the man.. she only wants to be on TV. She’s not on here for the love. She’s on here for the attention."

    Another fumed: "F**K sake Porscha.. if you hate the man that much you’d have wrote leave. You’re just after attention and sympathy."

    A third exclaimed: "Porscha definition of delusions of grandeur, attention seeking, narcissist #MAFSUK."

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