MAFS UK star Peggy hits back after her parents were slammed by fans for ‘ridiculing’ husband

Married At First Sight star Peggy Rose has hit out at fans of the E4 show after they slammed her parents for the way they treated Georges Berthonneau in recent episodes.

The MAFS couples have been heading to each other's homes as their journeys continue, with Peggy taking Georges to her family's mansion, where she lives with her mum and dad.

The pair had been making progress in their marriage up until the homestay, as Peggy's parents weren't overly welcoming towards their daughter's new husband.

After informing the couple they'd be sleeping in separate rooms, Peggy's parents then proceeded to grill Georges about his career.

Despite Georges reiterating he had put his personal training career on hold to appear on MAFS, Peggy and her parents have continued to hit out at his employment status, prompting fans to criticise them on social media.

However, Peggy has been responding to her critics and defending her parents online. After one viewer appeared to accuse her of being after money, she defiantly stated: "I have never asked for a millionaire I have always worked since I left school and I did want my husband to at least have a job."

Another MAFS fan said she was "very sad" after watching the episode and proceeded to say "money will never buy you happiness", prompting Peggy to defend herself.

"Thanks for commenting, you'll see I said that we'd be happy and that's all that matters," Peggy wrote in response.

She also received several supportive messages from fans, who are still rooting for her and Georges to work out, with Peggy thanking many of them for their kind words and saying that she doesn't let "trolls bother" her.

Peggy's parents' appearance on the E4 show caused a stir among viewers, who were quick to slam them for making Georges sleep in their spare room despite him and Peggy being married.

Georges was noticeably stunned after being told he wouldn't be staying with his wife, who then admitted she'd never had a boy stay in her bed at home.

During the episode, Georges shared his surprise about the sleeping arrangements, as he said: "I never thought when we got to homestays I would be staying in a spare room but I have to respect Jimmy [Peggy's dad]. It's his home, it's his daughter and that's fine. No other previous partner has ever stayed in Peggy's room, so why should it be different for me?"

Showing off his wedding ring, Georges added: "That's why!"

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