Married at First Sight in chaos as fight breaks out between contestants on show

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    In a shocking turn of events, Married at First Sight turned violent tonight, with Luke Worley and Jordan Gayle engaging in a brawl over the latter allegedly "chatting s***."

    The violent incident is the byproduct of a long-running feud between the pair, which started when Luke stuck up for JJ Slater, who'd been cheating on Bianca Petronzi with Ella Morgan.

    The pair engaged in an argument, with the tension simmering to the boys' retreat. Luke controversially told his fellow grooms in confidence that he told Jay that she is so laid back, he feels like if he hit the town and chatted up another girl and exchanged numbers, she wouldn't mind.

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    With a bee in his bonnet with his fellow groomsman, Jordan passed on the comments to his wife, Erica, and word made it back to Jay, who was rendered devastated.

    Utterly furious with Jordan's apparent betrayal, Luke hammered on his co-star's hotel door, asking him why, he was 'Chatting s**t' before things turned violent. The pair got physical, with security stepping in to break it up.

    As Jay shrieked, 'Stop' the boys continued arguing, with Luke shouting: "Get the fuck out," while Erica cuddled him. to make sure he was ok.

    Jay, who'd now managed to get her husband to go outside, suggested: "Calm down," but still clearly enraged, Luke insisted: "He shouldn't chat s**t."

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