My Mum, Your Dad kids left cringing as parents ‘tongue kiss’ on ITV show

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    My Mum, Your Dad stars have been making their kids cringe as they "tongue kiss" on screen.

    On Tuesday's episode (September 19), the group of parents got to know each other even better.

    Paul and Natalie were seen "tongue kissing" by their kids who were watching in the wings.

    Natalie's son Kaliel and Paul's daughter Mazey covered their faces with pillows to hide the smooch from their vision.

    However, despite their kids' sickened response, fans at home were thrilled with the pair's romance starting to blossom.

    One fan wrote: "Natalie & Paul is a no brainer. Definitely a good couple. Roger & Janey seem to be progressing a little bit. Martin M is playing too much and it's not doing him any favours. Beginning to worry about Elliot & Sharon. #MyMumYourDad"

    Though another argued that they had already secured a strong enough connection that they no longer needed to be on the show.

    A fan commented: "Paul & Natalie are already forming a nice relationship, let them go and explore it more out of the house. Give the others a chance."

    Another agreed and said: "Exactly, should probably have been Natalie & Paul that left"

    Before the show, Natalie was asked why she thought her son nominated her for the series.

    She said: "I've been on my own for a long time. I think he thinks it's my time for me now. Since my last relationship, I've been building my business and focusing on my kids. But now, I think he'd like me to find love."

    Over the years, Natalie has tried online dating, but it hasn't been successful in her search for love.

    Natalie added: "I've definitely been catfished before! I turned up and the person on the date and the person in the photo – well, let's say they had some serious photographic skills."

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