Myleene Klass slams Celebs Go Dating for ‘gaslighting’ Vanessa Feltz over lookalike ex date

Myleene Klass has blasted Celebs Go Dating and experts' Anna Williamson and Paul Carrick Brunson's decision to match Vanessa Feltz with a man who looked, sounded and had a lifestyle almost exactly like her ex Ben Ofoedu, 51.

The 61 year old This Morning star has been gaining even more popularity during her time on the reality dating show, as fans stand by her no-nonsense straight-talking approach.

But while Vanessa, who recently spoke about having "naughty" DMs and going on dates since the show, admitted she felt "trapped and triggered" when she was sent on a date with a man who "looks just like my ex, sounds like my ex and is in the same business as my ex," the experts tried to encourage her to give him a chance.

Standing by her long-time pal, I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Myleene shared a statement along with a quote defining the term "gaslighting".

"@vanessafeltzofficial is my dear friend," the former Hear'Say singer wrote. "I've known this beautiful soul for years. I fully appreciate I'm playing straight into the shows intentions here, but if you remain silent you become part of the wider problem, so I stand by V.

"V is smart, kind and a legend of a woman both professionally and personally. Many are intimidated in her presence, she is after all a wordsmith and refreshingly bright.

"She is also human. 'The agency' put her in a vulnerable position that NO person, famous or not, should intentionally be placed."

The star went on to urge her followers to agree that the experts knew "exactly" what effect they would have in placing an almost "identical" reminder of Vanessa's ex-fiancé, who "betrayed and abused her trust, heart and purse", in her path.

Ben admitted to cheating on Vanessa while he was away working at the beginning of this year, after it was announced the long-time couple of 17 years had decided to part ways.

Myleene continued: "BTW the date was just as much their pawn as the quasi love Gods toyed with all involved.

"We've all been in positions where people have taken advantage of us but to see V misrepresented and gas lit in this way isn't ok especially after she bravely picked herself up and is getting back out there giving hope to many.

"V, many who have been blindsided stand behind you for your sheer bravery. Watching the agents gaslight you has made for uncomfortable viewing. What should be lighthearted fun has taken a rather machiavellian turn.

"All may be fair in love and war after all but you will win in the end', the star added, passionately defending her friend to the end.

OK! has contacted representatives at Celebs Go Dating for comment.

During last week's instalment, Vanessa told Anna and Paul that she was firmly not interested in dating someone similar to her ex.

"This is identical to the relationship I have just come out of. So yes, I am absolutely closed off, and there is nothing wrong with that," she said. "That is how I am.

"I said it clearly that I don't wish to go back there, and you should understand it the first time I say it."

Paul replied that he felt like Vanessa was "coming for him" at the time, despite insisting he had been "nothing but respectful to you," but many fans praised the TV presenter for standing strong in her convictions.

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