Naked Attraction contestant removed from set after he became too excited

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    Naked Attraction has got to be one of the most brutally honest dating shows on TV, helmed by beloved host Anna Richardson.

    The controversial and uncompromising Channel 4 series has been on air since the start of 2016 and has been hugely popular with viewers up and down the country ever since. But it’s fair to say there has been a few on-air blunders made by excited contestants across its seven years on the airwaves.

    Now, the brunette beauty has revealed one of the most memorable moments throughout her time on the late-night program. During an appearance on the Andy Jay Podcast back in 2021, the presenter recalled how one sexy singleton was escorted off set after he became “too excited”.

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    She told listeners: “We did have a couple of seasons ago. There was a young man who I think might have been in the pink pod and he was getting a little bit excited about what was about to happen.

    “So our lovely floor manager, Dave the floor manager, had to go, ‘Come on’ and just had to escort him off the floor for a little while, just to calm down. And then he was brought back onto set.

    “It all happens. Boys being boys – you can’t control your anatomy, can you? So, there’s been a little bit of excitement.”

    The TV presenter went on to share one of the biggest secrets of the show which helps contestants “look their very best” for cameras. Anna continued: “The boys always want the studio to be warm, and they’re all doing that crafty tug behind the pods because they want their manhood to look their very best.

    “They’re always fiddling and touching. Whereas the girls want the studio to be freezing because they want their boobs to look the very best.”

    It comes after the broadcaster revealed which celebrities would be willing to strip for a celebrity special. Speaking to The Sun, Anna confessed she had been approached by some of the biggest names in showbiz willing to strip off for the dating program.

    She told the outlet: “I’ve bumped into a couple of celebs recently who’s gone, ‘I’d do it!’ Duncan James was like, ‘I’m up for it!’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god!’

    “And the lovely Anna Whitehouse, who does the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast, said to me a couple of weeks ago that she’d do it.”

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