Paris and Tyson Fury’s reality show ‘renewed for a second season’ despite backlash

Paris Fury and Tyson Fury's hugely-popular reality series At Home with the Furys has reportedly been "renewed for a second season".

The 35 year old boxing champion and his wife, 33, were already incredibly famous, but as fans got a look inside their lives behind the scenes, the couple have quickly gone stratospheric with their six children too.

And fans are already chomping at the bit to watch another instalment of their lives with their six children, with reports that the show was a "runaway hit".

"Tyson’s show was a runaway hit for Netflix and they’ve been keen to get him to agree a second," a source told The Sun.

"Tyson had some reservations but has finally said he’d be up for inviting the cameras back into his life," they added.

OK! has contacted representatives for Netflix for comment.

After the Netflix series first came out, there was an unexpected backlash from some watchers, who criticised Tyson's decision to be absent from the home on regular occasions as well as his treatment of Paris during low mood periods.

Tyson and Paris, who is currently pregnant with their seventh child, talked openly and honestly about his bipolar condition and other mental health issues.

The latter was incredibly supportive of her husband's struggles, but despite this, many fans shared their anger online.

In one episode of the documentary, the boxer returned home from a trip and chucked his jacket at Paris before declaring he needed to go and see his dog.

Paris, who had been excited to see her husband, was upset and said in front of the cameras that she wasn't able to deal with his mood swings this time.

During the reality series, Tyson also talked regularly about how difficult it was to remain calm and keep his mood positive when he retired from his beloved sport, as he struggled to find a purpose in his day.

As a result, the star's family were subject to further mood swings from the Gypsy King.

Tyson also admitted to having regrets over allowing cameras into his and Paris' lives, but the mum-of-six was immediately a hit with viewers, and her honest and easygoing nature on-screen won over millions.

According to the insider, it'll be a "while" until a second series of At Home with the Furys ends up on screens because "Paris is expecting their seventh child this month".

It comes amid reports that the show's huge success could lead to a separate spin-off series for Paris.

What's more, the popularity of At Home with the Furys could lead to Tyson and Paris having to move from the Morecombe mansion, as the couple told OK! that their property has been swarming with fans.

Tyson explained to us: "I think we’ll probably have to move again like we had to after the ITV documentary a few years ago.

"Loads of people kept turning up to the house and ringing the door at 4am. What people don’t understand is, that being famous it’s not a pleasurable thing to be absolutely honest.

"When you try to go to Greggs for a sandwich, it’s not great being bombarded, or when you're trying to buy a pair of trainers from a sports shop. When you're on a family day out and you don't get any time, you've just got people hanging all over you," the star added.

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