Takeshi’s Castle hosts address stepping into Craig Charles’ shoes for revival

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Tom Davis and Romesh Ranganathan are the commentators of Takeshi’s Castle which used to be narrated for English viewers by presenter Craig Charles in the early 2000s.

Speaking to Express.co.uk about the show’s return and stepping into Craig’s shoes, Romesh explained: “Tom and I do a podcast together, where we just literally press record and see what happens.

“So to actually be asked to talk, when there is something to talk about, actually felt like, infinitely easier.”

Addressing taking over from Craig, Romesh shared: “What Craig Charles did, that was, you know, legendary. It’s gone down as one of the great bits of kind of poetry.”

However, he cheekily quipped: “If you liked the way that Craig did it, just go back and watch that!”

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The comedian continued: “The worst thing we could do is try and do an impression of that I think because that wouldn’t be doing ourselves any favours.”

He stressed how he and Tom wanted to “bring our own flavour” to the revival and “have a different take on it”.

Romesh gushed: “I feel very lucky to found Tom in terms of somebody with whom I have a natural chemistry with and I think those things don’t happen very often. And I think it makes jobs a lot easier.

“Tom and I are both very similar souls, but we’re very different in terms of our energies and what we bring to it. And so I’m very lucky that one of my best friends in the world also happens to be somebody who I find really welcoming.”

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“But it felt easy. And normally, when things feel easy, that’s a good sign. But we’re not the viewers. That might be the case with that,” the father-of-three added.

When asked what viewers can expect from the series, Romesh teased: “I think it’s just sort of enjoyable chaos.

“I sort of really enjoy watching multiple people being humiliated and sort of just losing their dignity.”

He said the show is “quite addictive” and stressed how there isn’t a better show in terms of “pure humiliation” for contestants.

Addressing working alongside Romesh, King Gary star Tom explained: “It’s a joy. It’s love. I’m very lucky in my career at work.

“There are people I respect and adore but Ramesh is just someone I just find hilarious and it never feels like work and this show sort of encapsulates that.”

Will any contestants be able to take over the almost impenetrable Takeshi’s Castle to take home a huge cash prize?

Takeshi’s Castle episodes are now available to watch on Prime Video.

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