The Chase star says hell opened up as shows filming process unveiled

The Chase is one of the biggest gameshows on British TV, regularly attracting millions of viewers every weekday at 5pm.

The ITV gameshow, hosted by Bradley Walsh, sees four complete strangers try to work together as they take on the Chaser in a head-to-head in general knowledge questions. Should the team make it to the end of the show without being caught, the four players win an equal share of all the money they have banked.

But now, secrets of how the show is filmed are being revealed as a former contestant on the show told all about their time on the programme. Taking to forum website Reddit, the contestant appealed to fellow users to ask them anything about their time on the show.

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Naturally, fans of the show were quick to jump onto the thread to learn all about how the programme is produced. The original poster was also happy to divulge the information, as they recalled their experience on the show and what happens behind the scenes.

One person asked what happens when a player is caught by the Chaser playing against them. The user claimed: "There’s a little area backstage with chocolate and crisps, and a runner brings you a coffee.

"It was really weird though," they continued. "There’s a monitor where most of the production (sound effects, graphics etc) are applied live, so it’s like you’re watching a recorded episode even though it’s happening a few yards from you (you can’t see the set from backstage). Also, they keep talking about you and I kept wanting to shout 'I’m here! I’m not dead!'"

The user also praised host Bradley for his role on the show. Speaking about the Law and Order UK actor, the user described him as a "consummate professional" who "seemed very warm and genuine".

Bradley also seemed to have worked on keeping his decorum, as the user revealed he was not caught out at a potential innuendo. The contestant admitted: "I thought he was going to crack up at. 'The character Willy Whopper was known for his enormous what?' – he didn’t bat an eyelid. He’s obviously been working on his discipline!"

As well as these, the user confessed that episodes are recorded in real time, with filming sessions lasting just over one hour. They added that sound effects are played in the studio as well, and thus are not added later before the show goes out.

However, one thing that caught the user's attention was the use of lightning. In one answer, it was revealed that the contestant had been caught and for them, the chase was over.

But they admitted they had been frightened by the effective use of lighting in the set. "What is totally immersive is the lighting," the person said. "When I got caught everything went red, it felt like hell had opened up!"

The Chase airs every weekday at 5pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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