The Crown’s Imelda Staunton looks unrecognisable as she takes on new TV role

Imelda Staunton is one of Britain's finest acting talents and continues to enjoy an illustrious career which has seen her take on iconic roles in everything from Harry Potter to Downton Abbey.

And now, fresh from her role as the late Queen Elizabeth in the final two series of Netflix's The Crown, the actress is set to take on a new challenge as she is relegated from royalty to play the role of crazy aunt in a Brassic Christmas special.

Imelda has spoken excitedly about her new role and even joked about continually working with actor Dominic West, after recently playing mother and son in series five and six of the hit royal series.

Imelda's character Edie strikes up a unique relationship with troublemaker Vinnie, played by Joe Gilgun, as she reveals her secret bohemian past. The Sky comedy sees the guest star sparking up a joint with her nephew's patient.

The duo then hatch a plot to rob their local Winter Wonderland after Vinnie was explicitly warned by Dr Chris to keep his aunt out of trouble.

Imelda is excited for the shift in her new performance, sharing: "I have watched Brassic and I am a fan and I do like it. Chris is played by Dominic West who I have worked with many times. I've worked with Joe Gilgun and Dominic together in the film Pride, so we've known each other a long time.

"I like Brassic, I think it's mad and the writing is hilarious. It's so moving, and all the characters are larger than life but so real. I was really thrilled to be asked to do it.

"I play an older lady called Edie who's living on her own. Dominic West's character Dr Chris asks Joe’s character Vinnie to keep an eye on Edie over Christmas. She is not the easiest of people to get along with, as you can imagine. It's good fun doing it!"

The 67 year old actress went on to joke that she can't seem to escape playing one of Dominic's family members in every TV show she stars in with him.

She added: "Dominic West and I have worked together quite a few times, about four or five times, but most recently we've been mother and son in The Crown.

"Now I'm his aunt so I am just working my way around being members of his family. I think it was Dom who suggested to Joe that he should turn his life into this programme.

"This is the Christmas special, but I believe they are now going into their sixth series, so they are doing something right. It’s so popular. I think it’s because they surround themselves with such wonderful actors and so I feel very pleased to be in amongst that gang."

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