The Repair Shops Dominic Chinea admits Im nervous during restoration

The Repair Shop: Dominic nervous before revealing restoration

The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea was “nervous” as he unveiled an emotional restoration on the latest episode of the hit series.

Guest on the BBC favourite, Stella, brought along a roundabout which had once belonged to her daughter, Emma.

Sadly, Emma died a few years ago, leaving behind two young daughters, Olivia and Flo.

The sentimental item was very important to the family, so Dominic was under a lot of pressure as he fixed it up.

When it was time to reveal the refurbished roundabout, the talented restorer exclaimed he was “nervous”.

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“Hello, how are you doing?” Jay Blades welcomed Stella as she arrived with her granddaughters to collect the roundabout.

“We’ve got visitors!” He added, to which Stella replied: “We have, yes.”

“Welcome, so how have you been?” Dominic asked.

“Well, we’ve been thinking about the roundabout a lot, because it was a lot of work,” Stella admitted.

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“So you want it to be working?” Jay asked, and Stella confirmed: “Yes, that’d be nice.”

“So, it’s been a while since it’s actually gone round, hasn’t it?” Dominic asked.

“A long time, yes,” Stella responded as Jay probed: “So, what are you hoping for it to look like?”

Olivia replied: “I want it to look all bright and not rusty.”

“Oh, bless,” Dominic said as he approached the covered-up roundabout and asked: “You ready?”

“Wow, yes,” Stella replied and Dominic exclaimed: “Good OK, wow I’m nervous!”

As he unveiled the fresh-looking roundabout, Stella instantly became emotional as she commented: “Oh my… look at it, isn’t that beautiful?”

“Yeah,” the two little girls agreed as Stella added: “Wow it looks brand new, it’s amazing, oh it’s beautiful.

“Oh gosh, I’m just taken away, and I can just see and hear all the times it was used, it was lovely the memories.”

Turning to Olivia and Flo, Jay explained: “So the big test now is to see if it works. Me and Dom are too big, we’re not allowed to sit on it.”

“You two are going to have to try it out for the first time,” Dominic added before the youngsters jumped on and enjoyed a spin.

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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