The Serial Killers Wife star on filming athletic sex scenes

The Serial Killer's Wife star Annabel Scholey has opened up about the intimacy rehearsals required for "athletic sex scenes" in the Paramount+ thriller.

The 39-year-old, who is best known for her roles in The Split and The Sixth Commandment, plays Beth – the titular Serial Killer's Wife whose life unravels when her husband is arrested for murder.

Speaking to OK! an in exclusive interview, Annabel revealed what it was like rehearsing sex scenes with an intimacy coordinator with her co-star, Poldark 's Jack Farthing (Tom).

"When we got on to set for the more athletic sex scenes, it was a dance," she said.

"We knew the steps so we could just focus on the story. I had a lot of lines and was colour-coding my scripts. I don't often learn like that but because [Beth] had so much, I had to."

To unwind after an intense day of filming, Annabel would exercise while watching TV. "I have a little cross trainer in my living room so I used to do that and watch Netflix," she shared. "I re-watch things that I find comforting so I sometimes go down a Downton Abbey spiral because it's non-threatening and comforting."

In the five-parter, Beth sets out to prove her husband's innocence but discovers some shocking truths about her seemingly perfect marriage along the way.

Meanwhile, detective Aline Edgeworth – played by Waterloo Road star Angela Griffin – is determined to catch the killer terrorising their idyllic seaside town, and she's convinced it's local doctor Tom.

"Aline is single, she has no family, she goes home to nobody – not even a cat – because there’s no warmth to her,” Angela said.

“Beth, who is quite sexually open, really unnerves her. She makes her question what it is that she may be hiding from while she’s at work. She is offended by Beth the second she meets her because she is everything she isn’t. So she feels the best thing to do is to destroy that.”

She contintued, "She is not relatable, she’s not approachable and it really was a challenge! You can’t help reacting and you generally empathise with the other person when you’re working. Aline doesn’t have a range of emotions but she starts in one place and she does end somewhere else. I got to play nothing, which is very rare for me – so it was dead attractive.”

The Serial Killer's Wife arrives on Paramount+ on Friday 15th December.

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