Theo holds Stacey hostage as 12-year-old Lily gives birth in EastEnders

Sinister stalker Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) is set to take things to a horrifying new level as he holds Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) hostage in upcoming EastEnders scenes, all while Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) gives birth.

Theo has been stalking Stacey for several months now, after paying her for anonymous video calls earlier this year, though Stacey has no idea that he is the culprit.

‘Stacey is really scared, and knowing that it’s someone she knows is making her feel really unsafe. She has no clue who it can be so to think she could be crossing paths with them every day is really worrying her now and it only seems to be getting worse,’ actress Lacey Turner revealed.

Using his teaching qualifications, Theo found a way to get closer to her by offering to tutor pregnant 12-year-old Lily free of charge.

This came as a massive help for Stacey, who was unaware of his ulterior motive, as Lily had grown upset about falling behind on school work.

‘Up until this point, Stacey has relied on Theo and seen him as a friend and almost a protector. He’s been tutoring Lily free of charge, and he’s been so supportive with Stacey and the stalker situation,’ Lacey explained.

His behaviour instantly threw up questions for Martin Fowler (James Bye), though Stacey dismissed his concerns.

Recently, however, Martin’s suspicions grew stronger, as Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) confided in him that Stacey had a stalker.

In upcoming scenes, Eve and Martin are set to learn more about Theo, with their discovery leaving them horrified and able to confirm that he is the stalker.

Meanwhile, as Theo celebrates his new job with Stacey at No.31, he grows more and more convinced that he can take his relationship with her to the next level.

Terrified, Martin sends Stacey a warning message, but with Stacey preoccupied with tending to Lily, who isn’t feeling well, Theo intercepts the message and realises that Martin is onto him.

With the clock ticking, Theo realises the game is up, and confesses all to Stacey, having hidden her phone.

‘At first she just doesn’t believe it because she can’t imagine him to be capable of doing something like this,’ Lacey revealed. ‘He’s put on such an act in front on her for months and really supported her so he’s the last person she would ever suspect.

‘It’s only when Stacey realises how deluded he is about their relationship that she starts to panic as she knows she’s in danger.’

Fear sets in for Stacey immediately as she attempts to get him out of the house, just as Lily’s waters break.

Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) soon arrives on the scene and, together with Stacey, prepares to help her give birth.

With the ambulance delayed, it becomes clear that Lily will have to deliver the baby at home.

‘I think she’s running on adrenaline at this point and she doesn’t have time to process the full magnitude of the situation. Her main priority is Lily and the baby.

‘They know the ambulance isn’t going to get there in time so they don’t really have any other option but to deliver the baby themselves.’

Stacey heads into the kitchen to get some towels, and is horrified to come face to face with Theo, who has let himself back into the house, and is now furious.

With Stacey trapped in the kitchen with her dangerous stalker, an oblivious Jean is left to help Lily alone.

Will Stacey be able to escape Theo and be with Lily as she gives birth, or will Theo take drastic action?

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