This Morning star asks fans for luck as she awaits surgery in hospital

This Morning’s resident TV Doctor Zoe Williams asked fans of the show to wish her luck before going under the knife.

Zoe, 43, was smiling as she snapped a selfie in her hospital gown. The star, who shot to fame when she landed the role of Amazon in the long-running game show Gladiators, revealed that she was waiting to undergo a gnarly-sounding spinal procedure.

Zoe wrote: “Just waiting to go into theatre for my spine injections. Wish me luck.”

However, it looked like all was well when she later returned to social media to share a picture of her drinking a cup of tea, and looking considerably happier.

“How good is a cup of tea when you’ve been nil by mouth all day?” Zoe wrote in the caption, adding: “just to say a huge thanks for all your well wishes, your prayers and your love. It’s been felt warmly and is very much appreciated.”

The star went on to explain that the procedure wound up being pretty much pain-free due to sedation, but that she did feel “a bit drowsy” in the hours following.

However, she also said that the injections “don’t work for everybody” and that “things can get worse before they get better.”

Zoe then promised that she’d eventually go into more detail about the procedure, but was focused on recovery at the moment.

It was a rare reversal of roles for Zoe, who has been a qualified doctor since 2007 when she graduated from Newcastle University’s Medical School.

The 43 year old, who has always been a big advocate of health and fitness, found herself thrust into the spotlight when she applied to compete as a hopeful against the pros on the 2008 Gladiators revival.

But, after her audition, Sky bosses were so impressed with Zoe that they decided to offer her a gig as a Gladiator herself, and dubbed her Amazon.

She was billed as “regal and amazonian” and a “powerful force” of nature.

Although the show only wound up lasting two series and came to an end in October 2009, Zoe has been in the spotlight ever since, alongside her career as a working doctor.

She makes regular appearances on This Morning, where she takes viewers’ calls and offers them a second medical appearance, and has also appeared on the likes of BBC series Horizon and The One Show.

Zoe’s also still working as a GP in London, and is proud mum to two year old son Lisbon, who she welcomed with her partner Stuart McKay in 2021.

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