Will there be another series of Shetland? Ashley Jensen casts doubt over future of BBC drama

Shetland series nine comes to an end as DI Ruth Calder (played by Ashley Jensen) and Tosh's (Alison O'Donnell) investigation draws to a close.

The pair try to unravel the mystery of the Bain family while the identity of the killer lies in the reason why Ellen left Shetland.

Series nine marks Ashley's first run leading the cast of Shetland and so far she's received positive praise from viewers.

However, the actress – who recently secretly tied the knot with Vera's Kenny Doughty – has cast doubt on the future of the series.

Ashley has confessed she doesn't know if her character of DI Ruth Calder will return.

Will there be another series of Shetland?

Ashley Jensen admitted she has "no idea" if she will return to Shetland as there is yet to be a discussion.

Speaking on Graham Norton last month, she said: "I have no idea how it will continue. I don’t know if there will be another after it. So I just literally treated it as a six-part series."

She went on to admit she didn't think about taking over from Douglas Henshall, who led the cast as Jimmy Perez for seven series.

"I didn’t think about the series before because if you start comparing yourself to someone who’s done seven seasons of it, you’ll end up tying yourself in knots and worrying your brain about it," she explained.

The BBC is yet to confirm if there will be another series of Shetland.

What was it like filming on the Shetland Isles?

Ahead of the new series airing, Ashley spoke about filming in the remote location, explaining Shetland is "as much a character as the drama itself".

"Shetland is one of those places that I never, ever thought I would go or get a chance to work there," she commented.

"It was such a privilege to be there and rendered me speechless when I stepped off that wee plane the first time.

"There were Shetland ponies and puffins – it’s got its own identity which is quite exhilarating actually."

Ashley continued: "And then there’s the weather! One minute we had this horizontal rain and the next, a heatwave and it was like the tropics and everyone was going wild swimming. I felt like I was on my holidays.

"There’s this sort of idea that when we’re British we have to go far afield to get away. After living in America for years, I’ve got this pull to visit Scotland more, so when Shetland came up I couldn’t resist."

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