Abandoned missile silo that can withstand NUKE dubbed ‘safest place on Earth’ is for sale…but it’s in a mystery location | The Sun

AN ABANDONED missile silo used in the Cold War has gone up for sale for $1.3million.

The underground chamber has been dubbed the "safest place on Earth" as it can withstand the full blast of a nuclear weapon but the listing doesn't reveal where it actually is.

Back in 1960, the US government built the Rolling Hills Missile Silo to help protect their devastating weapons during the war with the Soviet Union.

The bunker wasn't only built to take a nuclear blast but also staggering 500mph winds and any possible man-made or natural disaster the earth has ever witnessed.

This gave it the unofficial title of “safest place in the world”, but its actual whereabouts are in an unknown location somewhere in Central Kansas.

Costing a whopping $150million to originally make, the buyer is technically now getting a brilliant bargain.

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The lucky person will be one of the few people left on earth to know where the mystery location is.

Originally, the project was built using highly advanced technology and made by expert engineering scientists.

Their simple brief was to make it indestructible.

Underground, there are two control rooms – one for each silo which were set up to hold a huge missile.

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The control rooms sit highly protected behind two 7,000lb steel doors built purely to survive an explosive blast and with an underground tunnel built in.

One control room is much bigger than the other and was seen as one of the most important rooms in America at a point in time.

The silos were designed to protect the invaluable missile but also the crew in charge of setting them off.

A rapid response system was set up in case an incoming nuclear blast was ever likely to happen.

All that's visible from the ground is a simple, steel entrance door similar to the hidden bunker named NINA used in Stranger Things.

The bunker has endless possibilities after not being used for decades.

As a safe house for emergencies it is possibly the best place to be but the new owner could fancy having some more fun with the iconic bunker.

Some have suggested an underground home or a private meeting space built for Ethan Hunt's top secret mission briefs.

Others have called for a training camp, or even a specially themed hotel like a survivor vibe.

With 18 stories worth of space the hotel idea might be a great way for any new owner to make back their millions in super quick time.

There is also enough space above the ground to have a helipad or even use it as a garden area.

The Rolling Hills Missile Silo is listed on the website by the same name – www.rollinghillsmissilesilo.com – with an asking price of $1.3million.

The US Government built several other “doomsday” nuclear bunkers that could withstand a nuclear apocalypse during the 1950s and 1960s.

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Earlier this year, a brand new range of £30million doomsday bunkers were kitted out with decontamination pods and helipads.

As Putin continues to threaten to nuke the West, the ultra rich can now fork out millions to protect themselves and their billions from a nuclear war or future apocalyptic pandemics.

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