ANDREW PIERCE: Taxpayers are paying for an army of benefit scroungers

ANDREW PIERCE: British taxpayers are paying for an army of shirkers unless we get tough on sickness benefit scroungers

Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce today blasts an ‘Army of Shirkers’ claiming sickness benefits which British taxpayers are footing the bill for.

Mr Pierce said: ‘You all know who these shirkers are, you know the families, you know where they live. You’ve seen then drinking their cans of beer late in the morning, fag hanging out of their mouths, they’ve normally got Sky Sports blaring.

‘How do they pay for that? I’ll tell you, through your benefits.’

The columnist has urged the government to get tough on tough on scroungers, lauding Rishi Sunak’s pledge that one million on sickness benefits will have to find a job.

However, he criticised slammed the government who are ‘not going to do a single thing about it until 2025.’

‘That’s two years away, that’s too long,’ Mr Pierce said. ‘The benefits bill is already at a record £26billion we’re paying in incapacity benefits.

‘Do you know how many hospitals that would pay for? Literally hundreds.’ 

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