Brothers jailed for more than 40 YEARS after they shot at robbers

Brothers jailed for more than 40 YEARS after they shot at robbers who tried to steal their motorbikes

  • Christopher and Colin Nourse were given over 40 years in prison on Wednesday
  • They shot at two robbers who tried taking their motorcycles
  • Police said they had acted recklessly and took justice into their own hands 

Two brothers have been put behind bars for a total of 40 years after they ambushed and fired a gun at men who tried to steal their motorbikes in an ‘extremely reckless’ attack.

Christopher Nourse, 45, and his 42-year-old brother Colin, were spending an evening together at Colin’s house when they noticed a group of men outside, lurking near their motorcycles in a bid to steal them. They were eventually disturbed by a resident and fled empty-handed.

However, when two of them returned later that same evening, the brothers were waiting in ambush armed with guns – and Christopher Nourse opened fire, shooting one of the men in the arm.

Christopher Nourse was sentenced to 30 years’ imprisonment on Wednesday and his brother Colin to 14 years behind bars.

Detective Superintendent Gavin Moss, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said: ‘These two men decided to arm themselves with firearms after somebody sought to steal their motorcycles.

Colin Nourse (pictured) was given 14 years behind bars

Christopher Nourse (pictured) was sentenced to 30 years’ imprisonment on Wednesday

‘This was extremely reckless and, when one of them discharged his weapon in a residential area, it is only by chance that a member of the public unconnected with the incident did not suffer a fatal injury.’

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The incident took place March 8 2020, in a communal car park on Cooper Close in Greenhithe, Kent.

During the evening, a group of people were seen trying to steal some motorcycles before fleeing empty handed when they were disturbed by a resident.

However, when two of them returned to the scene, the bikes’ owners, Christopher and Colin Nourse, were waiting.

The brothers had armed themselves with guns and Christopher Nourse shot at the two men who ran away from the close.

The brothers then left in separate vehicles and travelled to Christopher Nourse’s home in London.

Residents who had heard the sound of the gunshots called the police and patrols went to Cooper Close.

Officers were also alerted when a man with bullet injuries to his arm arrived at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent.

An investigation was launched and officers recovered six 9mm calibre and nine 0.4 inch calibre ammunition casings at the scene. Two vehicles in the car park had also been damaged by the shots.

When the brothers returned to Greenhithe while officers were still completing their inquiries, they were arrested.

A search of Christopher Nourse’s address in Penge, London,  and of Colin Nourse’s house in Cooper Close, led to the seizure of firearms accessories.

In addition, a spent 0.4 inch calibre cartridge, a lock knife, and a Taser were recovered from the two cars the brothers had used after the incident.

Forensic examination of the vehicles located gunshot residue and a spent ammunition casing which had traces of Colin Nourse’s DNA on it.

Detectives later recovered a handgun used in the shooting which had been discarded under a car in Penge.

Additionally, CCTV footage from Cooper Close was examined by detectives and showed the brothers exiting Colin Nourse’s address immediately before the shots were fired.

The brothers were also forensically connected to bullet casings recovered at the scene.

Both men were charged with attempted murder on March 12, 2020.

They pleaded not guilty at Maidstone Crown Court and on Thursday 28 July 2022, Christopher Nourse was convicted of attempted murder and possession of a prohibited weapon.

While Colin Nourse was cleared of attempted murder, he was convicted of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Both men were sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday. 

Christopher Nourse was jailed for a total of 30 years’ imprisonment and his brother Colin was jailed for 14 years.

Both men will have to serve two thirds of their jail terms before they are eligible for parole, after which they will be required to complete a further four years on licence.

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