Chilling moment neighbor executes father and his stepson in cold blood

Chilling moment crazed neighbor executes father Bladimy Mathurin and his step-son after noise complaint in hallway of Brooklyn apartment building where Barbra Streisand grew up

  • Mathurin, 47, and his step-son Chinwai Mode, 27, were shot and killed in the hallway of their apartment building in East Flatbush, Brooklyn
  • Police have identified suspect Jason Pass, 47, who allegedly opened fire after a noise dispute between the households but he is on the run
  • Barbra Streisand and late The Wire star Michael K. Williams grew up in the same housing complex 

Stomach-churning video shows the moment a Brooklyn man shot dead a father and his stepson in the hallway of their apartment building over a noise level feud.

Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and his stepson Chinwai Mode, 27, were gunned down on Sunday evening following a reported noise complaint.  

Officials have named Jason Pass, 47, a downstairs neighbor in the building, as a suspect in the killings. 

According to the New York Post, the shooting happened on the fourth floor of a well-known housing complex in East Flatbush, where Barbra Streisand and late The Wire star Michael K. Williams grew up.

The haunting footage begins with a man dressed in black, angrily pacing the hallway outside of an apartment. As the man paces, a woman in sweatpants and a tank-top emerges from an apartment as the situation escalates. 

The horror unfolded in front of Mathurin’s wife, who watched as both her husband and son were killed in cold blood. The shooter in blue is on the run and has not been named by cops

The woman is quickly joined by the man, subsequently identified by police as her son Chinwai Mode, 27.

The video does not have audio, so it is unclear precisely what the neighbors’ back and forth entails. 

As the situation appears to head up, the mother and son are then joined by Mathurin moments later, who angrily confronts then neighbor while appearing to wield a pair of scissors. 

His wife attempts to turn him away from the confrontation, but Mathurin – reportedly an amateur bodybuilder and father of four – pushes her away.

In that moment, the neighbor pulls from his jacket a gun, which he instantly aims at Mathurin.

Despite seemingly acknowledging the gun, he dismisses it and turns to walk back toward his door. The neighbor, allegedly Pass, then begins to fire, striking Mathurin who immediately falls to the ground.

The stepson, who was in the hallway and saw Mathurin go down, attempts to run from the shooter but is unsuccessful and is shot multiple times before collapsing, motionless, in a pool of his own blood near the staircase.

The apartment building where the double-killing happened was once home to Barbra Streisand and Michael K Williams 

Mathurin was shot several times by a neighbor who erupted after a confrontation over a noise complaint – an issue that had come up many times between the two men who lived in apartments on adjacent floors

Pass then allegedly focuses his attention back on Mathurin, who at that moment was struggling to get up. He shoots him execution-style just outside his door.

The man, having slaughtered two people, looks around the bloody hallway and then calmly waits for the elevator, which he takes downstairs before fleeing the scene.

Nine bullet casings were recovered from the scene, according to the Post.

Following the murders, Marie Delille – Mathurin’s wife – said she and her family had fought for years with their downstairs neighbor about noise levels.

On Sunday night, the neighbor began banging on his ceiling because of the allegedly loud noises stemming from Mathurin and Delille’s apartment.

Mathurin responded by banging back, which prompted the neighbor to bound up the stairs and kick the family’s front door, according to the grieving widow.

‘This man hates us with every bone in his body,’ said Delille.

‘My husband had no gun, no weapon. Why did you bring a gun to shoot my family? Why would you bring a gun to tear my family apart? Why? Why?’

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