Daredevil wakeskates along an infinity pool as he is towed by drone

Moment daredevil wakeskates along an infinity pool as he is towed by a drone… what happens next is jaw-dropping

  • Watch Brian Grubb’s fearless stunt on top of Address Beach Resort, in Dubai 

This is the moment a daredevil wakeskates along the world’s highest infinity pool in Dubai  – before plunging off the side of the building. 

American Brian Grubb was pulled along the 311ft long rooftop pool by a custom drone at the Address Beach Resort. 

The video shows the three-time world wakeskate champion speeding and swerving along the water. 

A ramp can be seen at the end of the pool which he then mounts and uses to launch himself off the side of the 96ft high 77-storey twin tower building in a heart stopping moment. 

He can be seen hurtling towards the ground with his arms and legs flailing before he ejects his Red Bull branded parachute and safely glides to sand below.  

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American Brian Grubb pulled off the fearless stunt on top of the world’s highest infinity pool in Dubai

The heart-stopping footage showed the daredevil speeding along the 311ft long rooftop pool before he mounts a ramp at the end

The fearless stunt was the first-ever combined wakeskate base jump which has been dubbed as ‘WakeBase’. 

Brian told The Guardian: ‘I just started ten years or so ago as a pipe dream and it has been a dream of mine to do this since then. 

‘It’s been a long time coming we had to build a drone that could pull us so I had to get more proficient at base jumping.

‘And then we found this awesome location here in Dubai and we put everything together and we just pulled off the sickest thing I’ve ever done on a wakeskate for sure.’

People reacted in awe of the jaw-dropping stunt after it was posted on Red Bull’s Instagram page. 

One person wrote: ‘Was not expecting that. So sick!’ 

While another thought it ‘was insane, the angle gave me butterflies as he went down the building’. 

Brian hurtles towards the ground after launching himself off the top of the Address Beach Resort building (left) before ejecting a parachute and safely gliding to the ground below (right)

An ecstatic Brian is congratulated on the sandy beach after he completes the first ever combined wakeskate base jump 

A third described it as an ‘iconic’ moment while a fourth felt like they had followed right behind him and jumped off the building themselves. 

‘You’re so gnarly dude! So stoked to see you finally get this done! So sick!!!,’ another said. 

Brian, who first started base jumping in 2008, added: ‘The idea of being able to put these two sports together and take them to new places was the ultimate appeal. 

‘No one had ever done it before so to push my limits like this was exciting.’

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