Eerie moment hundreds of birds drop dead from the sky after swarming over cities in chilling 'sign of the apocalypse' | The Sun

AN eerie moment caught on camera shows a swarm of swallows suddenly dropping dead after circling skies in China.

Hundreds of the birds are seen flying erratically above the roofs of buildings before plummeting to the ground in scenes likened to the Apocalypse.

The bizarre sight was captured by a resident in Laibin, in China's southern Guangxi Region.

Shocked observers said countless swallows flew around in circles before they suddenly began dropping from the sky.

Swallows are small to medium-sized birds known for their sleek, streamlined bodies and graceful flight.

Heart-breaking footage shows dozens of them lying lifeless on the road after falling from the sky.

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Some reports suggested the swallows – which fly south to warmer climates in winter – could have frozen to death in sub-zero temperatures.

But that does not explain why so many birds apparently died at the same time.

In Chinese culture, dead birds are a sign of hopelessness and ill-fortune.

In Christianity, birds falling from the sky are seen as God's wrath and imminent divine judgement and punishment.

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Many different cultures also associate birds flying in circles with an impending doom.

They connect this bizarre behaviour with a bad omen of death or disaster awaiting.

These mysterious sightings have been documented in other countries in the past.

One such shocking video shows a chilling scene of birds falling from the sky "like rain" in Spain.

Hundreds of birds plummeted onto cars with some even hitting locals, leaving people puzzled over the weird phenomenon.

Similarly, a huge flock of blackbirds suddenly dropped from the sky in Mexico with the reason behind the mysterious fall remaining unclear.

In Russia, "apocalyptic scenes" show hundreds of dead ravens plummet to earth in front of shocked villagers.

In rural Wales, 300 starlings were found lifeless and bloodied on a quiet road after appearing to fall from the sky.

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Mass bird deaths have previously been dubbed the "aflockalypse", suggesting that deaths of animals are a sign of an impending end of the world, reported the Conversation.

Some conspiracy theories even speculated that secret government experiments could be the cause of such mysterious happenings.

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