Fight breaks out at Brazil's famous 'cliff-hanging' selfie spot

He’s on the edge! Fight breaks out at Brazil’s famous ‘cliff-hanging’ selfie spot after one man’s photo gets spoiled

  • The unnamed pair fought at yhe top of Pedra do Telegrafo, in Rio De Janeiro
  • One man pushed the other after he accidentally got in the way of his photoshoot
  •  The pair quickly began tumbling down the hill

Two men risked life and limb and got into a fight over a photo at one of the world’s most famous selfie spots. 

The two unnamed men got into a scrap at the famous cliff-hanging illusion spot at the top of Pedra do Telegrafo, in the western part of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after one man got in the way of another’s photoshoot on Sunday.

The site is famous for its Instagram-worthy images, featuring a giant boulder where people can pose for a picture that from certain angles gives the impression that the person is on the edge of an abyss. 

In reality, the rock is just a few inches off the ground. 

The furious poser got up from his hanging position and pushed the other man after he seemingly got in the way of the photoshoot, before he was kicked and put into a headlock position. 

The man who seemingly started the fight was quickly put into a headlock

He then quickly asked his assailant for mercy as the par tumbled down the steep hill

The pair quickly tumbled a short distance down the hill as the man who appeared to have started the fight was thrown to the floor. 

He can then be spotted putting his hand out and asking the other man to stop, as other tourists come over to break the fight up.

Both men then got up and returned to safety while continuing to bicker as the footage cuts. 

The Pedra do Telegrafo, located at the summit of Morro de Guaratiba, is situated in the Pedra Branca State Park, within the sector of wild beaches in Barra de Guaratiba.

Its name originates from the time of World War II when the area served as a military station.

The 2.2 mile hike up to the summit takes visitors to an altitude of about 1160 ft above sea level. 

It is one of the most popular photoshoot destinations in the world. 

At time of publication, #pedradotelegrafo has been included in over 165,000 posts on Instagram. 

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