Girl, 5, killed by scorpion after stepping on bug while playing as sting ‘turned her purple and caused hallucinations’ | The Sun

A FIVE-year-old tragically girl died after she was stung by a scorpion while playing with her two friends in a front garden.

Agata Sofia Fernandes da Silva was running into her home in Barreiras, Brazil to get a toy when she is thought to have stepped on the lethal bug.

She died from heart failure hours after the sting with her cause of death being untreated scorpion venom.

Experts believe a Tityus serrulatus, the Brazilian yellow scorpion caused the girl’s death.

It’s said to be the most dangerous scorpion in South America because of its extremely toxic venom.

The young girl’s aunt Larissa Fernandes told local media she was rushed to the Hospital do Oeste when she turned purple and began hallucinating and vomiting before passing away.


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Her body was buried on August 27.

Agata's death comes after a two-year-old child died in a similar circumstance in Ibirapua, Brazil earlier this month.

Reports by the state's health secretariat (SESAB) revealed that a total of 15 people died of scorpion stings in the state of Bahia between January and August this year.

The number of victims reached 20 last year, according to authorities.

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Earlier this year another child, Jamily Vitoria Duarte, 5, was left screaming in agony after she was stung by a scorpion in Brazil.

The first hospital she went to ran out of the right life saving antidote forcing Jamily to travel to a different hospital where she died.

In 2018, a three-day-old baby girl in Brazil survived seven stings from a yellow scorpion that climbed into her nappy.

Astonished medical staff found the venomous insect hiding inside Maria Sofia Ferreira’s nappy, attached to her umbilical cord.

Doctors said the child, from Brazil, only survived because she was given multiple doses of antidote within a two-hour time frame.

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