Hero Deliveroo rider used helmet 'as weapon' to stop Dublin knifeman as parents in bedside vigils after 3 kids stabbed | The Sun

A HERO Deliveroo driver said he acted on "pure instinct" when he sprung into action to stop a man wielding a knife attacking a young school girl.

Caio Benicio, 43, originally from Brazil, quickly dismounted his bike, took off his helmet and struck the attacker with it as the chaos unfolded on Dublin's Parnell Square at around 1.30pm yesterday.

He said he initially thought the commotion was a row between a man and a woman but was horrified when he realised that the man was attacking young children.

Caio told RTE News: "I was working like a normal day. And I was passing by in Parnell Square when I saw…at first I thought it was a fight with a man and a woman.

"A normal fight like, you know, and I slowed down my motorcycle to see more closely what's happening."

He said he saw a woman "pulling the girl" away from the attacker, describing her as "very, very brave".

Caio said the woman managed to get one girl free, who ran away, but the man then grabbed a second child.

He said: "So when I saw the knife, I just pull up, I just break my bike and pull up my motorcycle. I saw him stab the little girl.

"And it was everything by instinct. I remember I took off my helmet to protect myself and use it as a weapon. Just hit him in the head with all power I have.

"And he fell down. And I hit him, and then come other people and start to kick him, you know."

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Caio made a statement to the Gardai about what he saw and said he's been left in shock.

He added: "I was in shock. I didn't even have time to be scared. You know, when we see a man with a knife with a five-year-old kid. You don't. You don't think you just…just act. I think anyone is gonna do the same."

Violent riots broke out across the city last night following the horrific stabbing.

Although Caio said he had only seen footage of the scenes on social media, he said: "There are protests against immigrants, and I am an immigrant, and I was there, right there, to protect Irish people, you know.

"They don't even know what's happened. I think the people there on the streets like put fire on the Garda car, and they should know what happened before, you know.

"We are here to work. Most of the people are here to work hard. And make the economy of the country go better.

£The work we do here is good for the country. It's good for themselves, you know, they just have hate."

This morning, a five-year-old girl remains in a critical condition in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery following the attack.

Two other children and their carer also sustained injuries in the stabbing incident.


A six-year-old girl is being treated for head injuries and is due to undergo surgery, while a five-year-old boy who suffered minor physical injuries has been discharged from hospital.

The children's carer remains in a serious condition in hospital.

The suspect for the attack was wounded and remains under guard in hospital this morning.

Dublin descended into chaos last night as a number of vehicles including Garda cars, a Dublin Bus and a Luas tram were set alight.

Thugs were seen running around the capital and looting stores.

Public transport in the areas were stood down but are back running as normal this morning, although passengers have been told to expect delays.

Firefighters from Tara Street and Phibsborough fire stations have continued to damp down smouldering vehicles in the city centre this morning.

Crews are making the scene safe as a recovery and clean up operation is underway.

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