Hot and bothered Brits share their funniest reactions to the heatwave

Sleepless nights, uncomfortable commutes and calls for August to bring its weather back: Hot and bothered Brits share their funniest reactions to the heatwave

  • Britain has been hit by a heat wave with weather warnings and sleepless nights 

As the UK is in the midst of sweltering heatwave, hot and bothered Brits have taken to social media to share their sleepless nights, uncomfortable commutes and dreams of turning the clock back to a drearier time (August).

Despite the tropical nights – which has not seen the mercury drop below 20C – Brits have still maintained their sense of humour to get through it. 

References to Dante’s Inferno, melting Spongebob Squarepants ice lollies and sleeping in the wild outdoors are just some of the hilarious memes and funny reactions to the hot spell. 

It comes as the Met Office predicts the longest September heatwave on record and forecasts this week will top the hottest day of the year already recorded in June.

Somebody posts a gif of a melting Spongebob Squarepants ice cream that looks almost like it’s crying

Met Office meteorologist Tom Morgan said: ‘A lot of people will probably think of the summer just gone as being pretty non-exceptional, pretty disappointing if you had plans in the UK.

‘This week, it looks likely that we’ll see the highest temperature of the year so far. Today will be the third day that some sites have seen three consecutive days of heatwave conditions.

‘By the end of today, officially, it will be a heatwave, it is certain that it will be by tomorrow.’

While the weather will come as a welcome relief to many after a lacklustre summer that was unseasonably cold and rainy, a lot of Brits took to social media to complain about being unable to sleep.

Another social media user posted a picture of a melting ice cream van, joking that everything is melting

One person uploaded a picture of a melting Spongebob ice cream with the caption: ‘The baby is having her first conscious “how the hell do you sleep in this weather” night.

‘You don’t baby, you don’t. We just suffer until it cools down. Then cry when the sun comes up an hour later.’

Another, adding a picture of an ice cream van said: ‘It’s too hot to sleep – we’re having a mini heatwave here, it’s so hot everything is melting!’

Countless people are struggling to sleep across the UK. It comes amid an amber weather warning

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Meanwhile, another user posted a gif of a skeleton burning in the fires of hell, adding: ‘Trying to sleep in this heatwave be like.’

One person posted a meme of a man crying uncontrollably in the shower: ‘It’s September. It’s supposed to be cold. It’s meant to rain.

‘It’s meant to suck for everyone but me because I overheat but I like autumn.


Another joked: ‘You look tired Christine… THANKS I’VE HAD ALMOST 5 HOURS SLEEP IN THE PAST TWO DAYS.’

One person pointed out: ‘People that a few weeks ago where complaining that we have had no summer, are now complaining about the #heatwave.’ 

Health bosses have issued an amber heat alert for most of England, meaning there is potential for the whole population, not just the vulnerable, to become ill from high temperatures 

Commuters pack onto the London Underground during the heatwave today, temperatures in the capital are expected to reach 32C today

Joggers go for a morning run at Primrose Hill in North London today shortly after sunrise 

Somebody calling themselves S said: ‘Personally, I think if your commute involves the central line then you should be allowed to sack off your compulsory office days in the midst of a heatwave.’

Another person said: ‘The cat has started sleeping outside under a bush during this heatwave. I may join him.’

One user tweeted a picture of a cat passed out next to a fan, quipping: ‘Might try and get some sleep now even though I’ll be wide awake in 4.5 hours in a lake of my own sweat!’

Even celebs have complained about the weather with Holly Willoughby saying: ‘Feeling hot hot hot… Did anyone actually sleep last night???? See you on @thismorning with @craigadoyle @jamieoliver and @mralfieboe at 10am… #hwstyle dress by @lkbennettlondon.’ 

It comes as the heatwave is about to break the record for the most consecutive days with temperatures above 30C in September, the Met Office has said, with Saharan dust generating vivid sunsets and sunrises in the clear conditions.

Wednesday was the third day above 30C, matching a record seen on four previous occasions, most recently in 2016.

The high temperatures are expected to continue on Thursday and through the weekend, peaking as high as 33C on Saturday, which is likely to be the hottest day of the year.

Stephen Dixon of the Met Office said temperatures above 30C in September are uncommon but not unheard of – the month’s highest daily temperature reading was 35.6C in 1906 – but the length of this heatwave is particularly unusual.

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