I hacked NASA and US military computers looking evidence of UFOs and 'found it' – they will never tell us the truth | The Sun

A MAN who hacked into US military computers to find proof of UFOs has slammed NASA's latest claims they have found no evidence of aliens – saying: "They will never tell us the truth."

Gary McKinnon, 57, was accused of the "biggest military computer hack of all time" by US officials after he gained access to US Army, Navy, Air Force, the Pentagon, and NASA computers 21 years ago.

He claimed at the time he found a photo of an alien spacecraft on NASA computers – and has now hit out after the agency's UAP report published last week, which found no evidence of extra-terrestrial life. 

Dubbing NASA the "National Association of Space Actors", McKinnon told The U.S. Sun: "As usual, they said nothing, on balance. 

"And when pressed they just repeated their non-committal statement.

"We'll never get any truth from military institutions, which NASA is, regardless of the fact that it pretends to be a civilian institution."

McKinnon, who now lives in Leicester in the UK and runs an SEO company, landed himself in hot water with US officials after he admitted hacking into top secret computers belonging to US government agencies back in 2002.

He has previously spoken about how he hacked into multiple military and government websites and what he found.

McKinnon said he would leave messages on the systems he hacked, posting one notice on a military website saying: "Your security is really crap".

He claimed he hacked a NASA PC and found a folder containing "raw" satellite photos being processed at Building 8 at the Johnson Space Centre, in Houston, Texas.

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He alleged he clicked on a file and an image started to appear on his screen showing a smooth cigar shaped "craft" with geodesic domes above the Earth. 

But a NASA employee spotted what he was doing before he had chance to see the full image and disconnected the link, he claimed.

He said there were thousands of other photos in the file, but his internet connection was so slow he only managed to view the one photo.

In previous interviews he has told how he was left "gobsmacked" as he allegedly stumbled across thousands of photos during his NASA cyber sting.

He also claims he found an excel spreadsheet of "non terrestrial officers" and ships with names, ranks and military materials on "fleet to fleet transfers" not in the public domain on a US Navy network.

"It's a fact that there are objects we don't understand flying around in our skies, it's also a fact that there are scientific, intelligence and military departments that study these objects," McKinnon told The Sun last year.

Cops swooped on his tiny London flat in March 2002 and seized his Windows PC and modem.

"We'll never get any truth from military institutions, which NASA is, regardless of the fact that it pretends to be a civilian institution."

He spent 10 years fighting extradition to stand trial in the US where he could have faced 70 years in jail.

But his extradition was blocked by then Home Secretary Theresa May in 2012 on human rights grounds after he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome – and he remains a free man.

Last week, NASA announced it had found no evidence of aliens after probing hundreds of UFO reports, but it could not rule out the possibility.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson said the US space agency will not only take the lead in researching possible UAP incidents, but will share data with more transparency.

The very last page of the NASA UAP report said "there is no reason to conclude" that extra-terrestrial sources are behind the hundreds of UAP sightings Nasa has investigated.

"However, if we acknowledge that as one possibility, then those objects must have traveled through our solar system to get here."

Although the report did not conclude extra-terrestrial life exists, NASA didn't deny the possibility of "potential unknown alien technology operating in Earth's atmosphere".

Nelson also insisted that if NASA does finds evidence of alien life it will be disclosed to the public.

The NASA boss also said the agency will use AI to help search for alien life across the galaxy.

McKinnon – who was known as Solo online – was inspired to hunt for UFO secrets after listening to former NASA contractor Donna Hare, who went public at the Disclosure Project press conference in Washington DC in 2001.


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She claimed while working in Building 8 at the Johnson Space Centre, in Houston, Texas, she walked into a photo lab and saw technical staff airbrushing UFOs out of photos before they were released to the public.

The U.S. Sun reached out to NASA for comment.

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