KSI & Logan Paul announce chance to win solid GOLD Prime bottle worth £400k… but you have to crack into bulletproof case | The Sun

KSI and Logan Paul are offering fans the chance to win a solid gold Prime bottle worth more than £400,000.

The social media stars are celebrating the sale of their billionth bottle of Prime since launching the product line almost two years ago.

As a result of their success, they announced on Monday that a 24k solid gold Prime bottle will be up for grabs.

A competition will open for just 48 hours from Friday (November 10) – so fans will need to be quick.

Two bottles, which are worth USD$500,000 (£405,687) each, will be on display in separate locations in London and New York.

However, they will be locked inside bulletproof cases.

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And if you are to stand any chance of getting one, you must guess a six-digit code to release it from the case.

Each person gets just a single guess which must be made within 20 seconds.

If no-one guesses the correct code within 48 hours, the Golden Prime bottle will be completely destroyed.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, who was entrusted with designing the bulletproof case to hold the bottle, has also included one other feature.

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Directly beneath the bottle is a vat of molten lava, which is waiting to consume whatever is dropped into it.

In the promo video, he explains that the bath of molten copper is set at 1,093C – a temperature required to melt a 24k solid gold bottle of Prime.

Following the announcement, fans took to social media to share their excitement ahead of the compeition.

One Prime fan, commenting on the video posted by KSI and Logan Paul on X (formerly Twitter), said: "This is gonna be WILD."

Another person said: "These guys are marketing geniuses. The hype for this is going to be crazy."

A third person added: "Save me a spot Prime Hydrate."

Others also began trying to guess the six-digit code already, despite there being an endless amount of possibilities.

After being introduced in January 2022, the hype for Prime caused chaos among supermarkets as teenage boys, in particular, scrambled for bottles.

A surge in demand even caused high prices among online resellers.

Last month, shoppers flocked to get their hands on the ultra-rare Glowberry Prime drink spotted on shop shelves of Sports Direct.

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The latest edition of Logan Paul and KSI's energy drink tastes like sour apples and berries and was shelved at the cheaper price of £1.99.

Health experts have raised concerns about the popular drinks' extremely high caffeine levels, however. 

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