Man airlifted to hospital after bungalow blows up in suspect gas blast

Man airlifted to hospital after escaping suspected gas explosion which blew up £250,000 house as families are evacuated while emergency crews battle to tackle major incident

A man has reportedly been airlifted to hospital after a bungalow blew up in a suspected gas explosion. 

A dozen families in Ollersett Avenue, in New Mills, Derbyshire, have been evacuated following the blast at the £250,000 property. 

Locals in the quiet village were rocked by the ‘loud bang’ shortly after 8am, which leveled a bungalow before engulfing it in flames.

Firefighters from across Derbyshire rushed to the scene, with police sealing off the road and 12 homes evacuated. The cause of the blast is still being investigated. 

Residents claim a man inside the home was pulled free from before the fire took hold and was later flown to hospital by air ambulance. 

One woman: ‘It’s directly across from my sister’s house, she’s quite shook up from the explosion and seeing the state of the house. The man was removed from the home before the fire started, thankfully, but is apparently injured.’

A dozen families in Ollersett Avenue, in New Mills, Derbyshire, have been evacuated following the blast at the £250,000 property (pictured)

A firefighter walks past the scene of the exploded bungalow on Tuesday morning  

Another person added: ‘Heard a massive bang that rocked the house at 8am. I hope everyone is safe.’

A spokesperson for New Mills Town Council said: ‘As many are already aware there has sadly been a gas explosion on Ollsersett Avenue. The emergency services are tending to the situation and it is advisable for people to stay away from the area if possible.’ 

Fire crews from New Mills, Glossop, Whaley Bridge and Buxton with the command support unit were scrambled at 8.07am.

Residents had been warned to close their windows, amid concerns about fumes from the exploded home. 

In a statement, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Twelve properties in the surrounding area have been evacuated.

‘Those who have been evacuated from their properties are asked to attend New Mills Leisure Centre to register that they have been evacuated.

‘Other local residents are asked to keep their windows and doors closed while emergency services deal with the incident.’

An air ambulance attended the scene, the fire service added. However, the organisation has not commented on whether anyone was injured in the blast.  

Firefighters are currently working to make the scene safe alongside partners from Derbyshire Constabulary, Derbyshire County Council, East Midlands Ambulance and Cadent.

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